Watercolor Wildness

I picked up a library book the other day called “Serendipity Quilts” by Susan Carlson. Flipping through the pages, a pattern really caught my eye

0811 1

so I decided to try and re-create it in watercolor and ink in my art journal!   Who needs fabric when you have beautiful pigments and a wonderful, hairy brush!

0811 2

I didn’t trace the pattern in the book; instead, I freehanded it. So it’s not all perfect and symmetrical, but it’s ok. Life’s not perfect either.  I may give this another try on watercolor paper. I think it would be fun to do a watercolor portrait of the sun and the moon. Ideally, I’d give Ms. Carlson’s idea my own twist, but we’ll see if my creative bones are working next time out.

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy summer while it’s here, you summer lovers! I’m looking forward to red, yellow and orange TREES. And the smell of the LEAVES. I can’t WAIT. Oh, and football! 😀 Can’t forget that. Ooh, apple cider!  Yes, fall is my favorite season.   And it’s calling me.   🙂  Shall we call it the Autumn Dance?   We shall.  Peace.

34 thoughts on “Watercolor Wildness

  1. I can’t wait to see your paintings of autumn – then winter, Especially Christmas! fir trees, bows and ribbons, snow scenes………. oooops Am I jumping the gun here?! LOL your colours in the sun are lovely and bright, very pretty with the blue eyes 🙂

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  2. Very masklike. Reminds me of Mexican sun masks too…wonder if that was her inspiration? Yours has more personality though. And I could see you doing one in very intense colors. Or autumn colors, why not? And earthy sun!

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    1. Ooh, great ideas. I went back to the book, but she didn’t say where she got her inspiration. I did think of you and the masks! And you really should sell your idea seeds. They’re valuable things. I love that earthy and autumn sun idea. I was thinking about making a seasonal thing with this idea, but earthy sun is one I’d not considered. Love! Thanks!

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  3. What a fun and colorful piece Laura! You did GREAT freehanding it! I’m envious! Quit wishing summer away too fast – LOL! Autumn will come – soon enough – I am kind of looking forward to the colors and the inspiration, but it seems to pass sooooo fast! EEK! Ok – I guess I AM looking forward to STEELERS season 🙂

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    1. You’re right, Jodi, it does go by so fast. hehe, of course! Football’s coming, baby, gotta love it! Although I do prefer baseball since the whole Ray Rice debacle, I have to admit. I really dislike summer, although it hasn’t been so hellishly hot this year. I can go out in winter in a light jacket, but in summer, I feel like I’m boiling! Boiling + lots of time in the kitchen does not equal a happy Laura, lol. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s. Your favorite season is spring, right? Spring is my second fave.


  4. ….I recall having a large paper fan of this same (type of) face which–when unfolded–became a great tissue paper-ribbed bright yellow circle meant to be hung in a window or in front of a light. I believe it was German. This is such a great nostalgic reminder of that! thank you Laura.

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            1. LOL You do sound like me. Thank you, Kirk! I always feel so alone in my summer-hating-ness! Although this year…..drawing the flowers and painting them from the garden outside has really made it less hateful. And the heat hasn’t been as bad this year either. Bonus.

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  5. Happy Tuesday to you as well, dear Laura! Your big smile is present on your watercolor and through your sweet writing! The watercolor has the marks of an artist and I love it! Take care, my dear friend! 🙂

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  6. I really like how you painted this Laura! And your “summery” color choices are perfect! Reminds me of the Green Man for some reason. 😏 I’m not quite ready for Fall yet! 🌿🌿🌿 Thinking of you Laura! 💚

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    1. Thank you, Jill, I really appreciate it. She’s eating more because we tried another food we never thought she would go for and crazily enough…she did! Just hoping it holds until the vet can see her next week, so we know what we’re dealing with. I feel like she’s at least improving, but might have kidney/diabetes issues. Have you ever had a cat with either? She’s 16, so it’s worrying.


  7. Very nice sun, Laura!!! We should really enjoy it while it is here. But I can´t help that I´m also rather waiting for fall. And then winter. I´m so curious how it´s gonna be here in my new home. Can´t wait to make it all cosy and put out some christmas lights… Crazy. 😄


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