I hope everyone isn’t getting tired of roses. I haven’t had time to sit down with my watercolor palette lately. So I improvised once again with my art journal and travel palette.   If anything can always use more practice, I figure roses is the thing!  😀


Speaking of which, to everyone who drew/painted a bird August 8th for the August version of Draw A Bird Day, I will be doing a recap post soon with a link to everyone’s artwork. Penny (our 16 year-old kitty) has been ill, and so it’s been a bit delayed, but I’m hoping this weekend I’ll be able to get that posted.

I hope you enjoyed my little painting, and are waiting with joyful expectation for the end of the week, as am I. Peace and happy creative moments to all!

25 thoughts on “Yard-Buds

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. We’ll know more after the vet appt. on Monday. She’s no spring chicken, so we can’t expect too much. I’m usually so tired by the time I get downstairs at the end of the day, I’m not in the mood to pull things together to draw. As long as the bush is in bloom, I’ll always have a ready subject. And roses are something I feel quite sure I’ll never perfect. So, might as well keep trying. 🙂 They usually make for a pretty page in the journal, with the color added.

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    1. Thanks, Ann! We see the vet Monday at 12:30…..so we’ll know more then. She is 16, so you have to expect that something will be off kilter, I guess. They become a part of the family, though, these animals. They live with you every day. It’s hard to think of her drifting off, even though we’ve kinda been preparing ourselves as she ages. We had a younger cat who died last May and we had no idea he was even ill – had a tumor around his heart. It’s hard to lose them! She’s the only one we have left, and our daughter graduated college and moved last May too. Thanks for asking about her. I hope you have a great weekend in your new place!

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      1. I know how you feel, I can´t even think of something happening to my dog… She´s just 8 years old and a pretty small quite wild mixture of I don´t know how many breeds, so I guess she´s just half her own age. But yeah, just the thought of it… Hoping for the best for all of you, especially for Penny!!! 🐱💛

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