Zippity doodah

0814 1

Another flower from Hub’s garden!   Or at least, my interpretation, with my Cotman travel palette, in my art journal.

He grows some cosmos flowers that have petals that look like little pitchers and some that have flat petals.    He brought me a little vase in that incorporated both.   I enjoyed inking these quickly and adding some color last night.   Above is mostly from the side and back of the flowers, and below, from the front.   Some were just beginning to open.

0814 2

And this is what happens when the rose from the night before has now fully opened……and one should be sleeping and not painting.   I’m going to call this impressionistic.   hehe :

0814 3

If the watercolor gods are smiling, I might have a cool watercolor rose interpretation featuring a fellow blogger’s photograph for tomorrow.   If the gods have turned their backs, I might just have a colored pencil one – or something else entirely instead!     Happy Friday to all!

28 thoughts on “Zippity doodah

  1. I really enjoyed your art today. I love your commentary. You make me smile everyday. Sometimes I even laugh out loud. If you ever have a bad day just throw some stickers on a page and say “DONE”! 😜

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  2. Laura I’m really drawn to your ink and watercolor flowers – these cosmos paintings today are wonderful. I love the loose style you exhibit with the ink, something very freeing about not being so exact. Wonderful rose – my favorite of fresh roses is when they start to die and the reds turn into a deep purplish/magenta hue – wow nothing like it. Enjoyed your post! Have a lovely weekend.

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  3. Do you do the lines in pencil or ink? Also, I can’t remember if you told us, but do you do a general color form first and then draw in the lines or do you do the lines first and then paint? Either way, they’re really lovely!

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    1. I’m so glad you like them, Teresa! I find that if I try to do pencil first, the whole thing usually gets squashed because I wind up thinking too much. I tend to be impatient too, so … yeah. So I go right in with ink, just trying to get the essence down, and then I add the color after.

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  4. So pretty Laura! I like the simplicity of your drawings in ink and your touches of watercolor really bring them to life! 😊 I had some Cosmos growing at the lake until the deer got them this week. Now they are pathetic looking stubs. LOL! So your Cosmos look extra lovely to me right now! 💚💜💛

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  5. How pretty!!! Cosmos flowers are my favorite, you find them a lot in Hungary, they get huge there and look like bushes by the end of summer. Love your interpretation of them! That´s the light watercolor style we love, I´d say! 😊 Wonderful work, Laura!!! 💕

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      1. Thanks for asking, Laura, you´re so cute!!! 💕 Yes, it´s all going well, thank heaven! And I´ll have time to paint. I´ll probably just be able to post a wip of it, but who cares… 😊 Wishing you a wonderful Sunday! Here it´s raining, I´m so glad!

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