Floral in Fineliner

I was watching a demonstration of an artist doing a pen and watercolor of a gorgeous building. Instead of using a waterproof pen for the initial drawing, she used one of these.

0818 1

Many people buy these and use them simply as pens. Not I, said the fly. These are water-soluble, making for beautiful effects once water is applied.  In today’s post, I used the brown pen for my drawing and went back in with a bit of water.    On the rose, I added a touch of red from my travel palette to the flower and a bit of green to the leaves.   In the vase and flowers (sorry it’s crooked, I do all my art journal stuff on my lap in front of the TV), I added water only.   And I actually love it with no other color at all.   What do you think?

0818 2

For the flowers in yesterday’s post, I drew them in pen, went back with water to blur the lines a bit – then once the ink dries, it is apparently set. Went back in with watercolor paint on top. The underdrawing didn’t move.   Just gave a very cool effect to the flower as a whole.

Just wanted to share this with all of you, since these pens are a steal at Blick and elsewhere. Maybe it’s just me – but I love the effect it gives! Peace and happy Tuesday to all of you. Enjoy!

50 thoughts on “Floral in Fineliner

  1. That’s really effective! I’ve heard of that technique & do have some of the pens (dad found them in the back of a cupboard & passed them to me, handy), but keep forgetting to try it out, will do so now. And good to know the colour stays fast once it does dry completely, I’d wondered about that.

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    1. Blue, I’d be careful with that aspect – I do think it all must be liquified in order for it to not reactivate once dry. I’ve been finding that it’s fun to liquefy some areas and not liquefy others the first go-round so….liquified areas I do believe would not re-activate, but any that were left dry would. I’m glad you enjoyed this and that you have some on hand!


    1. Thanks, Jodi, considering the time I put into it, I hope I’m seeing something come from it lol. I do feel my florals are getting better. They’re much more fun to do than they were at the beginning because I’m more used to them. Every time I change subjects though, it’s Iike coming in brand new again.

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        1. I don’t know why I’ve been so obsessed with art for a year, but starting this blog and getting lots of encouragement from people like you have really helped! I just can’t stop. I’m still surprised whenever I like something I did. Hehe it’s cool. Thanks Jodi.

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  2. Those pens are very popular here in Sweden but very pricey….3-4 bucks a pen…and not much cheaper in the group packages. Funny, I like them for writing but never thought of using them because they run when water is applied…but I love the effect and will think of them differently now.

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    1. Nice! I’m always amazed at the difference in price in Europe, even for supplies that are made there. Nice to look at something in a whole different light, you never know what will come from it. Especially from someone like you! Happy Tuesday to you, Rebecca and thanks for your comment. 💛


    1. Nice! I’d love it! Your work teaches me a lot about what my supplies actually could do if I knew what I was doing, Sharon. I’m still amazed by the work you do with the Tombow markers. Your stuff always inspires me!! I do think you could write a book and lots of people would buy it. You do so many things that I’d like to be able to do well. 💛

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  3. This is a very cool drawing – I do think that florals are a subject that you have definitely got a feel for because the end results are always beautiful. The simplicity of the flowers and quiet watercolor that is applied are a perfect balance. Very nice Laura!

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    1. Thank you so much, Mary. My 16 yo cat (Penny) has been ill, and the flowers have really helped me to focus on something beautiful. I will hopefully have a chance to do some more tonight. I’m really glad you like them. I value your input greatly!! Your florals are soooo amazing, as is all of your work.

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    1. I’d love to see what you created just messing around. I do liquefy the pen with a brush – just a very light touch. Perhaps you’re better off staying with watercolor, as you’re so wonderful at it! If I felt I was really good at any one medium….but that’s for a future time (if any). Thanks for your comment, as always.


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