Marigold Study

….and more playing with the Stabilo point 88 water-soluble fineliner! The only one done in traditional waterproof pen and ink is in the lower right corner.   And only the yellow flowers have any watercolor paint in them.


I’m really enjoying the effects of these pens, and I’m finding that the lighter the touch with the clear water, the better. I might try a synthetic brush next time, too, as it would carry less water to the page.  These are really fun to do.

We’re halfway there, people! Might as well make merry! Peace.

43 thoughts on “Marigold Study

      1. I’m sure I will. Tell you something funny: I was using the kids’ old Crayola markers to do “watercolors” like you are using the Stabilo pens now. It didn’t work out quite as nicely. The pigments tend to separate.

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          1. Baltimore is still definitely in the wild card hunt. If the Mets don’t win their division, they don’t make the playoffs. So Washington has to continue to play badly…hard to tell what will happen. As they say, that’s why they play the games.

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  1. I love the effect that you are getting, I shall be putting these on my wish list I think. I have some water soluble graphite pencils that I love. I call them my ‘fudging’ pencils, as they are very forgiving – when you wash the line it softens and disguises the line which is good it you are not very accurate (ha ha)

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  2. I really like what you are doing here….you have mastered these stabilos…only thing…if you want to keep them around forever…keep them out of sunlight, their only drawback, but I do think you have a niche.

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