Rough & Ready Roses?

Each of the top four roses was done with a different Inktense pencil, then liquified.


The bottom rose was permanent inked and then I added watercolor from my travel palette. Roses are much harder than marigolds. But I do enjoy the challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I have a pretty sick kitty on my hands (kidney problems), and so if I miss a post here and there, or don’t get a chance to comment on your posts….you’ll know why.Β  Prayers appreciated! Peace and happy Friday eve to all!

57 thoughts on “Rough & Ready Roses?

  1. How lovely to see your work in progress. Your roses are simply wonderful. I hope it makes sense to you, that would love to see them on delicate white fabric on my bedroom curtains and wake up seeing them gently move in a breeze. It would be perfect! xo Johanna

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          1. Awh! We had a kitty for a long time. It is hard in the end when they get so small and frail and don’t want to eat or drink. The tough part about loving any pet or person is the loss that is inevitable. But the love is worth it. ❀

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            1. I hear ya, Jodi, but after going through this with Prancer just over a year ago….neither of us wants to do this anytime soon. We love cats so much, both of us, but the pain is horrible for us both. And Penny is my cat, whereas Prancer was Hub’s…so I am cringing at the thought of Penny passing, even tho, as you say, I know it’s gotta happen. I appreciate your checking in. ❀


    1. Kathy, this moved me very much and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Her appetite has picked up (even though we haven’t been able to get the meds for that in her yet!), so I do have hope! Thank you again, most sincerely. πŸ’›


  2. Love your roses! They are surprisingly hard to draw, I’ve found, and you’ve done a great job here. The pens look like fun~I’ll have to get me some of those πŸ™‚
    Sorry to hear about your kitty. Warm fuzzy thoughts of healing to you…

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  3. Your roses are lovely, Laura! Do you have a favorite? I like them all but I think the one in ink pen with a splash of watercolor is especially nice! 😊 Lifting you and your hubby and kitty up in prayer my friend. πŸ’œ

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  4. Prayers for your kitty. In addition to your greeting cards, I see another possibility for your talents. The bottom rose would make a nice tattoo! Now we need to think of a name for your new business. The INK SPOT? 🌹

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  5. Experimenting with various “art supplies” is always a lot of fun. I have an 18 year old kitty, deaf, dumb and blind, who always seems to bounce back. I think he’s on his twelfth life now. My heart goes out to you, for your sweet pet’s recovery!

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  6. Laura! You really do just keep getting better and better! Just love the flow, and my favorite rose is the one in the lower left corner. It jumps off the page to me. The softness with the hard pen is just so intriguing. Thank you for you beautiful dedication to building your skill. You’re so inspiring!

    “…Talent is a bonus, but persistence is what wins out.” β€” Zosia Marnet

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