Abstract landscape

A quick mixed-media abstract landscape from last weekend out of my art journal. Brought to you by Inktense blocks, colored pencils (I think), watercolor paint and acrylic craft paint.


I’m reading a book that I’m hoping will help me to create more depth in my abstract work, working toward abstract realism.   “Abstract Art Painting:  Expressions in Mixed Media” by Debora Stewart was published earlier this year, and you can check out a preview of it at this link.   Debora is primarily a pastel painter, but I’m finding that her tips about how to pursue abstractions would apply to an artist working in any medium.

Happy Friday, and as always, thanks for your visits and comments.   Peace.

31 thoughts on “Abstract landscape

    1. Thank you so much, Kirk! I was looking for something to post and I almost didn’t…..I’m really glad people seem to be enjoying this so much. I was definitely searching for peace in this painting and I think the reason I’m gravitating toward abstraction right now is that I’m finding it in my artwork. And that’s so important. Thanks for your comment, as always.

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        1. They really seem to be! I noticed small changes after the first dose and now she’s had four. Also we gave her an appetite stimulant yesterday. I think I only got half the dose in her because she despised the taste, but she takes the antibiotic pretty easily and that all goes down. Really hoping this takes hold. 💛

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            1. Thank you so much! I really believe the prayers are making a difference. My insomnia has got so much worse since she got sick, so just getting a good night’s sleep would be wonderful too. Hub sleeps like a rock. A is coming home to see her four-legged sister this weekend too, so that’ll be nice. 💛💛💛 Yes, getting them to take the medicine really is tough. Prancer was impossible; he was just too strong. Penny is much easier. Take care, Jill.

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      1. I haven’t, but good question. I don’t know if my mind is wired for it – perhaps one day you’ll see a few experiments from me. Okay – one day wayyyyyyyyyy out into the future!

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