Waiting and wondering…

…thinking and pondering. Welcome to my mind….and, once again, to a page in my art journal.


Art is the best therapeutic exercise ever. Yoga and meditation are great too, and there are lots of other great ones, but art…..does it for me. I sit down with a question, and I usually come away with an answer. This was my journey last night, with the help of watercolor, colored pencils, and acrylic craft paint.

To those of you sending up prayers and good vibes for my kitty, Penny, please keep them coming.    I believe they are working!   Time will tell.   I definitely see improvement, so … there’s hope.

Happy Wonderful Weekend to you all, and may everyone’s art supplies have a chance to come out and play today. Peace.

26 thoughts on “Waiting and wondering…

  1. So glad to hear Penny is on the mend. And love getting a peek into your mind through your art. As I scroll through my word press feed, I always know from the photo when it is yours.

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    1. Aww, thanks Jodi! 💛 it’s a cluttered place right now, but I do believe things are looking up for her. Maybe not long-term, I do think to an extent, this is what it is, but I am feeling encouraged and am sleeping better as a result. And a Blick box came last night! So the weekend will be brighter. I’m so glad you recognize my work in your reader. That’s too cool. Fly high and have fun, my friend (although I do not have to tell you that lol)! 💛💛💛

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  2. I like how you added a pattern of dots. It gives a mystery to your painting. It makes me want to look closer to see what is hidden. And your colors are gorgeous, Laura! 🎨 Happy to hear you are sleeping better and Penny is improving! 💜🐱💚

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