Floral Felicity

I’m really enjoying florals as subjects right now; they’re so cheery and full of joy.   I recently painted these from a little bouquet Hub gathered together for me.   The one thing I will miss about summer is having lots of fresh flowers in the gardens ready to be painted!


The rose in the vase was done first with one of those Neocolor II water-soluble crayons I mentioned the other day, and then I added a bit of watercolor paint from my Cotman travel palette.   The top left rose was a different view of the rose in ink and watercolor.   Ignore that cosmos flower on the bottom, that was a color experiment gone horribly wrong.  🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, and are looking forward to some cool, crisp air.   And weenie roasts!   Lots of those to come, too.   Peace.

29 thoughts on “Floral Felicity

  1. My mother had a rose garden in the house where we lived longest. Your roses make me think of it and remember her excitement each year when the rose catalog would come in the mail. They do remind me of summer. (K.)

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            1. Teresa, I just go quick and get the essence down. You should see my early flower pictures (they’re here, I think February, March?), but I promised myself by end of summer I’d have improved them. I’ve done them again and again, or else they’d still be bad. At least they’ve graduated to average now lol. Thanks for your kind compliment. 💛

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  2. My mother grew the most beautiful roses that I can still see in my mind! Even without real flowers, we can enjoy their beauty. Thanks for sharing your roses with us Laura! Do the ones you grow have a scent? 💙💜💚

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  3. There you go again, showing off with those beautiful soft lines! Hehe…this is gorgeous. I guess I should sketch a flower before they’re gone. Haven’t done that yet! But I can wait to see your sketch of a weenie roast! 😉 That’s my challenge to you! Hehe 😉👍🏻❤️

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  4. Such a cute post, your words about the cosmos flower really made me laugh! 😊 I think every painter knows the feeling of these kinds of experiments… Love your roses, they are real beauties!!! 🌹💕 But poor little cosmos is sweet too!

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