Rose garden, outdoor fun!

We had a bunch of beautiful roses on the pink bush the other day, in all stages of flowering.


So I sketched a few in my art journal the other night, outdoors, and then painted them inside, with my travel palette.   Roses are a big challenge, but I think I’m starting to get a feel for them, anyway.   Only way to get better is to keep having a go!

We are warming up for the dance tomorrow. Might as well dance today! Peace.

37 thoughts on “Rose garden, outdoor fun!

  1. Beautiful study, your practice shows. I like the different stages of the rose blooming. Thanks for sharing Laura.
    I’m off to Dick Blick early today. The first 100 customers receive a gift bag of art supplies valued at $100. I’ll have my beach chair, sketch pad and a cup of coffee taking my spot in line. Two girlfriends are coming too. Wish us luck.

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    1. Thanks, Charlie! So often it’s the work I almost didn’t post that people enjoy most. I did yesterday’s post and today’s the same night. Just didn’t like the rose page as much. Wow, the encouraging comments here are making me wanna try these roses some more. :)) Thank you.

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  2. You are such an inspiration!! I bought a beautiful little sketch book here on NOLA. And we spent hours yesterday in the botanical gardens here with me snapping away. Such a fun day and will provide so much Future fun!!

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      1. It’s so beautiful I’m almost afraid to use it. Maybe I shouldn’t have bought such a nice one LOL! It is red leather bound with the most amazing cotton paper and an elastic band to close it. I love just holding it. haha! I didn’t bring any supplies with me, but I did buy a uniball vision elite black pen at the CVS. Do you know if they are waterproof if I would draw something and later want to watercolor it?
        Oh how I want to be an artist – hehe! We also went to the Museum of art yesterday – wowsers

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        1. I don’t know, but try it on a piece of scrap paper and see! That book sounds great, but don’t let its coolness deter you. The sooner you start sketching, the sooner you’ll have a little bookshelf full of sketchbook memories. It’s the coolest thing ever to have a little collection of art memories you made yourself, all in little books! Go wild, sketching on vacation is the ultimate! 💛

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  3. Your rose work is paying off – I see how the petals and delicateness of them are developing through your drawings and paintings. Beautiful, will be great to go back one day and see the progress of your art. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. Thanks, Teresa! I won’t have them year-round in the garden, but probably late into fall, we will, and then after that, will have to be from photos…..except when I run to the grocery store and pick up a few bunches of flowers and make a few arrangements. I do like to do that, and probably will do more of it this year, for exactly this reason! I’m glad you’re enjoying them so much. I think when I started, people were hoping I’d stop. lol.

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  4. I like how you are labeling these flowers with your handwriting! There is something wonderful about seeing your own writing in a book! And naming flowers helps me remember at a later date what I was drawing. Your roses are so detailed and soft. You inspire me to paint outside too! ((((Laura)))) 💚💜💛

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