Roses are red….

…or in my case, pink! And I’ve tried them out, yet again, drawing outdoors in my art journal, and painting with my travel palette inside.


I hope to roll out another abstract painting for you tomorrow. I am reading a book that is helping me out with composition, and I hope to share a little review of that one tomorrow as well.

Happy Creative Weekend to all. We are art energy! Shake thy tailfeather, and splatter that paintbrush too, while you’re at it.

38 thoughts on “Roses are red….

  1. I really like this one, Laura. I would love to see a book of these type drawings with the words weaving through, of all the different flowers. I really likebtge blue in there as well. Really lovely.

    I forgotbyo reply to yesterdays abstract painting. Thstxwas so so lovely. I REALLY liked it. A lot.

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  2. Oh, this is so pretty!!! Love your flowers, you´re really getting better and better painting them!!! 🌹🌞 Waiting for your book review! Sometimes I´m feeling like taking part in an art class here on wordpress thanks to you and the other painters here. This is so cool!!! 😊

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  3. Lovely rose study today Laura. My grandmother and my mother always had a rose garden. They both loved the Peace Rose. They both had a green thumb for the garden, I have the multi colored thumb for art. 😎🎨


    1. Thanks, BB, so kind of you!! Your work is so inspiring to anyone who’d like to improve their florals! I’m glad they make you smile. I usually luck out if I wind up with a good composition, particularly when sketching outdoors, but I kinda like this one too. πŸ’›

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