Journey into abstraction

So, I’m really enjoying working abstract lately. It’s helping me work through my feelings relating to our 16 year-old kitty’s illness. I painted this on a (rare) rainy day:

0830 2

and painted this one last night:

0830This is one of those paintings where I should have stopped probably at least 15 minutes before I actually did.   Oh, well.   It was therapeutic, so … it’s all good.   🙂

An update on Penny:  we’ll know more when the vet runs more tests, but it’s not looking great.   Art is really helping, as are your comments and visits, and reminding ourselves to stay in the present.   Prayers and good thoughts for all of us are most appreciated!   Hoping for more uplifting paintings tomorrow.  Hug the furry (and non-furry) ones in your life today!  Our time is precious.  Splashing in paint puddles, and I hope you are too!  Peace.

55 thoughts on “Journey into abstraction

  1. Laura, my heart goes out to you. Sick fur baby …so hard. I’m glad you are able to work through this with paint. Expressive painting is therapeutic. Here are a couple of ideas if you’ve not tried them. Rice paper works nice because of the texture, but you could use any kind of paper, heck even paper towels might give a nice effect. Tear strips of paper and glue abstractly onto watercolor paper. Allow to dry. Then drip, pour, brush, splatter, paint and you will have some interesting texture as well as color. When I feel sad I especially like to let the watercolor drip like tears down the page and watch what happens. Just another expressive tool for helping the emotional swing that is life. Paws together for kitty.

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    1. Thank you, Beverly, I really appreciate it. I was doing sooooo many drips with the second piece. As you say, it was just perfect for the circumstances and amazingly, it does help. I don’t even know why, but it does. I really like your idea, and I appreciate your suggestions and prayers. 💜

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  2. Is Hub furry or non furry? Your first abstract painting reminded me of Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night! Spelling doesn’t count. Ha! Stay strong. 🙏🏼

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  3. I really connect with this Laura. My beautiful, faithful Afghan Hound Charlie who features in many photos on my blog is also in a state of veterinary care and concern. All her tests have arrived at a diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease. This can be treated except the first tablet resulted in massive reaction. So she cannot be treated and we all take each day as the next new day. We get up check if a walk is OK then eat, drink, sleep, wander around, eat, sleep etc a drive to a park, socialise a bit then back home and etc.

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  4. Good morning Laura – a long distance furry hug to you and Penny. Your therapeutic art is divine. I love layers of color. I understand how art can help heal. Both my parents passed this year and it is my art that has kept my serenity and sanity.

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    1. Thank you, Sharon. Furry hugs back to you as well. I remember you mentioning your mom, but didn’t know your dad had passed so recently. So tough. Art is an amazing healer. It has so much to teach us. I’m always blown away when I contemplate this. Thank you for your comment, Sharon, and peace to you and your family too. 💛

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  5. I’m keeping Penny in my thoughts and sending you lots and lots of virtual hugs, Laura. My last dog died of a tick-borne disease at the age of 4 and it was devastating, but it doesn’t matter when one’s pet dies, it is always hard to lose our fur babies.

    The first painting is calming, and I can see the turmoil in your heart in the second one. Our art reflect our thoughts and feelings. ❤ ❤

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      1. I am very sorry to hear about your pet’s condition deterioriating. They are loyal companions and give so much. The paintings are both vibrant and alive. I like the sloping strokes as they could be read as your trying to raise your spirits, given the circumstances. x

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        1. Thank you, Sabiscuit. You have it right, for sure. I definitely sit down to a painting to raise my spirits and sometimes it helps! Sometimes, sadness leaks out and sometimes I just keep going much too long. I think art is a wise teacher, truly. I appreciate your comment and understanding, too.

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      2. I’m hearing your advice about knowing when to stop. I go on to long sometimes. I am appreciating those among us who know when to stop applying color. But your abstract works is quite refreshing for me to look at.

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        1. Thanks, Kirk. It takes practice, like everything else. I think I’m getting better at stopping while what I added improved the painting. In this case, it was just meant to be, I think. Abstraction, for me, is a great way to release feelings, even if the art becomes comes muddy as a result. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. 💛

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  6. Good morning my friend! I looked at your post earlier in bed from my iPhone because our furry boy woke us up much earlier than we were ready, so while awake, I was reading and looking at your art. Then, I fell back asleep until almost 10! EEKS! Missed half the day! I’m usually a morning girl!

    But enough about me!

    I didn’t want to comment until I could look at your artwork larger (for my 52 year old aging eyes!) and truly appreciate.

    From my phone, I loved the first one, and I still do, but the second one…… it speaks to me…. it speaks of sorrow and maybe a bit of anger (at the circumstances)? of Penny, confusion of thoughts maybe of what to do? I feel so much emotion in it, and I am so sorry for what you are going through with Penny. It is so hard.

    Just love her. She loves you so much, and you have given her such a good life. It is you who is suffering more than her I am sure. For you will be the one to miss her. But try to remember how fortunate you are to have had the opportunity to love her. And her you.

    Oh now I am rambling, but I hope you know how much I am thinking of you, and care, and send my best.

    Love, Jodi

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    1. Jodi, you are so perceptive, and you have it exactly correct re the second painting. The weirdest thing is that until I took a journey through this painting, I really didn’t know there was so much anger there. I was trying to make a pretty picture, trying to turn the strong negative emotions sideways and create something beautiful (at least, to me). But it was not to be. Those emotions just needed to come out, and so more and more darkness kept coming in. The painting was actually pretty cool before my soul started bleeding into it! You know how hard it can be to save those lights/whites. Hehe. Anyway, it was a useful exercise. I appreciate your comment more than usual, because you know this situation all too well. I’m glad you went back to sleep – you probably really needed it after your wild week! I’m so glad you have begun your art journal journey! You’re gonna have so much fun! Take care, my friend. 💛💜💛

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      1. Oh my sweet friend – I was afraid to mention that I saw anger as I didn’t want to upset you if that is not what you felt, but that was the first thing I saw – – – and I completely understand – but it also screams of sorrow from the anger too. I really love it, Laura, and would hang it if I owned it. I am so glad you have found art as your way to express yourself. You are so profoundly impacting so many people in so many ways. You are an inspiration, and I think someday many more people may know of you – be inspired by you – and you will share your love of art. I truly believe there is a special purpose through all of this for you to give to humankind. And I am so honored to have known you “when….” 🙂 I truly feel this. We’ll just have to wait and see. xxoo

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        1. I’m glad you said what you really felt! Truth is what we all want to hear. Thank you.

          I appreciate your kind words, Jodi, very much. As always. 🙂 Art makes the world a better place. I caught it from The Frugal Crafter, and man, talk about a woman who’s created so many ripples! Spreading the arty goodness around sounds good to me. If that’s what this blog does, great. I do think we all have art inside of us, whether we believe it or not! As kids, we all believed it. We just need to believe that we can do it. We could all use some art therapy! 💛

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  7. I really like these paintings, they´re both great just the way they are!!! I think the second one just shows more of the conflict your going through right now. Hoping for the best for you and Penny – I gave my dog an extra hug already! (((((Laura))))) ❤️

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  8. I too find art to be very therapeutic, Laura! Glad you could share your feelings through your art! This can be very cleansing and healing so I hope you will continue to do so. Writing my thoughts in a journal helps me too. Some artists suggest writing your thoughts first on your paper and then painting over them. I have done this exercise and found that I could see beauty in my pain afterwards. If that makes sense? I like how color plays a part in our emotions too – the colors you chose to create these two abstracts. Does the first one remind you of the sea or the sky? And the second one looks a little like a storm to me. What does the colors say to you? Sending you a hug and prayers, my friend! 💜💚💛

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    1. That makes lots of sense, Jill, and I may try that too. I think it’d be a great exercise. Turning pain into painting – seems ironic that one word comes right out of the other one. I actually never saw that before. I was thinking of water and rain with the first painting because it was actually raining. I thought that one was pretty depressing at the time, but when I painted this one last night, it seemed uplifting in comparison. Thanks for the hug and prayers, Jill! 💜💛💜🎨😘💐🙏

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  9. My thoughts are with you. A year and a week ago today the vet told us we’d have to have our dear old greyhound put down. I then had to go to work, sit in meetings, do stuff, all the time aware of the ticking clock. It’s unbearable. But the time comes, the time passes, and one adjusts. It’s no longer the same, something has shifted, but your life has been richer for the companionship of this animal. Perhaps your cat’s time isn’t now, but whether it is or not I sympathise with you and wish you courage and strength.

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  10. Heartfelt and positive hopes and vibes for your Penny and all her family. There is energy behind the strokes of color and I appreciate their expressive contemplation. Food for thought for the viewer. It is not unusual for the head to plan on making a happy painting, but when the heart has a more compelling story to tell, it will. Stay with it Laura, you are such a positive person and your art will serve you well even when shadows gather. Peace to you and yours.

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    1. Thank you so much for that beautiful and thoughtful comment. We all appreciate it very much. I’ve learned so much about art, but I’m learning even more from it. It’s a wise, wonderful teacher, and I’m happy to be a lifetime student. I feel like it will lead me through this. Thanks again. 💜

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  11. sorry, I hope your lovely girl can be healed with a good recovery. prayers for you & your family….. pets are family to me 🙂 I liked both of your paintings actually lots of expressive brush marks and there is Light, and mid and dark tones. cheers, Debi

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    1. Thanks, Debi, it’s not looking like she’ll come out of this, but we do appreciate the prayers for all of us. Man, we lost our other kitty May ’14, and it was my first experience with losing an animal we lived with. We had no idea how hard it really is. I agree with you: they are family, no mistake about it! Absolutely. Thanks for your prayers, Debi!


      1. Laura, I do know how loss of a furred friend is full of bitter-sweet sorrow. my thoughts are with you. do you have photos of her? I kept all my girl’s pics & still treasure them 15 yrs later 🙂

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  12. Laura, the colors here are so rich and seem to express well the emotions/concerns you shared in your post. I love the freedom of two pieces. Beautifully done. I found this quote that I wanted to share at another artist’s site and it really spoke to me about the power and value of abstract art,

    “Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes…. Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an exploration into unknown areas.”
    ― Arshile Gorky

    Keep creating!


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