Draw A Bird Day (September Rewind) Tues. 9/8!

Time flies. And so did WordPress, on August 8th, when so many artists honored our feathered friends in their favorite medium.


A little birdie wanted you to know that the eighth of September occurs the day after Labor Day here in the US. If you would like to help make WordPress fly once again for the monthly rebroadcast of Draw A Bird Day (brought to our attention in April by M. R. Emberson of A-Wing and A-Way), please post your contribution then. I’ll do a recap of all of the entries once again this month, so no one will miss out on the fun!

This little painting was brought to you by the good folks at Derwent and their Inktense line of pencils, along with my Cotman travel watercolor palette.Β Β  Fly high and free! Peace.

66 thoughts on “Draw A Bird Day (September Rewind) Tues. 9/8!

          1. Oh Sweetheart! My heart is with you! Know how many of us care! Charlie O at Doodlewash and I were just commenting back and forth what a special soul you are. My message today comes to mind to repeat to you….. follow the path of…. love! Hugs my dear friend! xxoo

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  1. Ah, good to get this reminder!!! Thank you, Laura!!! SomethingΒ΄s wrong with my WordPress reader – itΒ΄s not really updating lately and I missed a lot… Will check your blog out now and what you were doing the last couple of days… 😊

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