Seashell surprise

A quick watercolor sketch from my art journal, brought to you by the mighty Inktense pencil (outline) and my Cotman travel watercolor palette.


I’m enjoying the freedom of taking the color in whatever direction I choose. It feels more like creating to me, and allows me to be more expressive, something I’m reaching toward in my artwork.

I wish you a joyful September Wednesday. (Even just typing the word “September” makes me happy!) Peace.

53 thoughts on “Seashell surprise

  1. I’m impressed how you use Inktense pencils – I’ve never got to grips with them. The colour is too vibrant, even artificial-looking, for my taste. Perhaps I’m trying to draw the wrong things with them and should choose my subjects more carefully.

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  2. Oh, IΒ΄m also so happy that itΒ΄s September now!!! CanΒ΄t wait to get back to Germany where itΒ΄s raining already! Good for my garden! Your shell is really beautiful, I like the pastel tones of the watercolor!!! I also like that the shell is sharp-edged and the background kind of blurry. That gives it something photographic. Really nice work, Laura!!! πŸ’•πŸš

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