Abstract Kitty Love

I’ve been doing tons of Penny-sketches lately, which has been slightly easier than normal with a kitty under the weather. They do move constantly, but a fraction less when they aren’t feeling so well.


I’ve grabbed a quiet moment here and there to sketch her with an Inktense pencil, and decided to paint this one with my Cotman travel palette later that night, adding a few whimsical interpretations that express my joy in sharing 16 years with my good old sassy girl.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday eve, some new dance moves …. and art supplies, too! (Kirk and Charlie, that was pour vous!)Β Β Β  Peace and paint puddles.

34 thoughts on “Abstract Kitty Love

            1. Wait, I’d never use something and return it so I could get free use of a product. I just mean sometimes you buy stuff on impulse and have second thoughts after you try it. Or even before you try it! I think it’s nice Blick has such a liberal policy. Our local stores don’t. They only accept defective or unopened stuff.

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    1. Thank you so much. Boy, these paintings helped me so much as the end was approaching. I might have lost my mind a bit without them. So hard to deal with in advance – all of those horrible imaginings that went through my head. Anxiety is just the pits. And what a waste of time and energy too.

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