Moose Mail

My sister sent me a surprise gift the other day that was so sweet. She has a kind, generous heart.

0905 2

So, the other night when I didn’t feel like sleeping, I grabbed a sketchbook and a Prismacolor pencil (whatever’s closest, lazy artist) and had a quick go. I kinda like the way it turned out. I usually prefer to sketch living things, but he’s got some life in his eyes, for sure. It was a fun wind-down before bed.

0905 1

Happy Saturday, and Happy Labor Day weekend to my friends in the States. Peace.

44 thoughts on “Moose Mail

  1. So cute :-). He reminds of “Moose in a Can”. I wonder what happened to him? I like how soft and long-limbed he is. Kind of like Truffles, one of the two teddy bears I decided would survive into my adulthood. I, um, sleep with him sometimes when my partner is away.

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      1. Not yet. The texture seems daunting. But the color pencil you used for your moose would be just the right color! Maybe I’ll play around with the shade of brown I have and see what happens. Maybe I’ll have a little living room dance-off first and try to channel your loose moose :-).

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