Signs of Autumn

BB painted a leaf every day last year from September 15 – October 15, and she’s repeating her challenge this year. I’d love to join her! Anyone else? There’s plenty of inspiration for you on this post!! I’m not sure I can do one every single day, but I’d love to focus on leaves this fall.

36 thoughts on “Signs of Autumn

  1. I look forward to following along, Laura, and thanks for introducing us to another amazing artist, who I will now enjoy following and learning from. I think I may draw a few leaves too! 🙂 Happy Fall Y’all!

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      1. I’ve painted it with acrylic and Inktense but haven’t tried watercolours, I’m guessing it would work fine. If you free machine the outline of your leaf and then sew the viens, going over them a few times, you can then zap with a heat gun and you have a beautiful Autumn leaf skeleton 😊

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        1. Sounds beautiful! Do you heat set the Inktense, Karen? I’ve heard conflicting reports as to whether they need to be heat set or not. Some say once they dry, they are permanent, but the lightfastness can be an issue, depending upon the color. Has that been your experience too?


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