Zenning out at the Beach

Would you like to take a little vacation? Come with me…..


Can you hear the waves gently lapping and whispering? The gulls are softly calling. The sun is spreading warmth. Aahhh……

This is why I love painting these scenes! πŸ˜€ Every painting is a mini-vacation. More fun with Neo II crayons! I hope you enjoyed this little break in your morning. Happy Weekend to you!

34 thoughts on “Zenning out at the Beach

          1. On gosh I have so many. I just finished reading Ann Cleeves new mystery Thin Air. Her mystery all take place in the Shetland islands if you haven’t read them. My interest vary, I like Ann Hoffman, Ann Tyler, Alice Munro to mention a few. How about you?

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            1. I’ve heard of Ann Cleeves, but never read her. Will have to look hers up! I discovered Barbara Vine recently and really enjoying one of her books (“Grasshopper”). Planning to go back and dread all of hers now, and Ruth Rendell too. Not sure how I managed never to read any of hers. Favorite authors are her, Daphne du Maurier, Margaret Atwood, Phil Rickman – have you read his series? British and creepy. Great characters and writing. Merrily Watkins is the main character. Can’t think of the first book, but if you google Merrily Watkins series, I bet a list comes up. I also love Jane Austen and Wilkie Collins. Dickens too! You named some I also enjoy too. When fall comes, I crave a British mystery more than normal. If you try that Rickman/Watkins series, please let me know what you think! :))

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  1. The colors in this is gorgeous! Love the pinks and purples. I do love the ocean as I was born on an island. The sound and smell of the ocean totally relax me! Is this part of your quilt?

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    1. Thanks, Kari! I did this one in my art journal, but I’ve been painting fabric half the day and hope to start cutting and sewing tomorrow. πŸ˜€ Looking forward to it….hoping I can translate what’s in my head to reality. Always fun to see what happens instead, lol.

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