This Tree looks like it wants to….leaf

My first watercolor tree attempt. I think. We could all use a laugh in the morning, so feel free. :))   This is neo II crayons and my Cotman travel palette of watercolors in my art journal.


At the beginning of summer, I promised myself to improve my florals by season’s end.  Although they’re nothing to write home about now, I do feel like there was improvement. So trees are my fall goal. And leaves! Remember BB’s 30 day leaf challenge? I’m gonna join her in that. I collected some (admittedly uninteresting) leaves on my walk today, so I’ll try drawing them later tonight.   Ours aren’t really changing yet.    Oh, but when they do……ooh.   I will have to post photos.

Peace and Happy Tuesday to all!

61 thoughts on “This Tree looks like it wants to….leaf

  1. Fall foliage! always beautiful.
    Trees are a good challenge. Leaves are easy for me, but somehow groups of them on a tree give me trouble. But this definitely looks tree-like.
    And looking forward to your leaves too. I’m sure we’ll all be doing at least a few. (K.)

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  2. don’t be so hard on yourself, Laura! you remembered to leave holes in your foliage, and you have good blending of colors. remember, doesn’t matter if the leaves are boring, you can paint them however you’d like them to be. just get the basic shape down!

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  3. Nothing to laugh about here, I think… This is a wonderful tree, and I love the colors in the picture!!! I should paint more trees too… Here they´re still green, but when they start to change I may give it a try… Thanks for inspiring me once again, Laura!!! ❤️🍃🍂🍁🍄🌰

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    1. They’re still green here, too, this was painted from an example in a book about painting trees in pen and ink and watercolor. I just decided to start with wc crayon instead and then added the foliage in watercolor. I’m glad you like this, Ann! I hope our trees will start to look like this soon!

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  4. Your first watercolor tree? It is gorgeous! Love the way you varied both your colors and the silhouette, even leaving a few sky holes as well. It might be your first watercolor tree on paper, but you must have bee painting them in your heart for some time. Peace.

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    1. Thanks, BB! I love trees so much. I’ll be really happy if I become a better tree painter by the end of fall. I am really enjoying the detailed leaf studies, thanks to you! I might have been sad for all of the flowers I will no longer be able to just go out and sketch, but now that I’m focused on leaves, it’s a whole new horizon opened up!

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        1. I hope you come up with something! I guess pine cones could work, but talk about a complex subject! What about rocks? Or even twigs? I hope you come up with something great! I may just tag along! Another cool one could be shells. We’ll be going to the beach, and I could collect a bunch of those. Ooh, and cool pebbles/rocks then too. Might be a nice reminder of warmer weather in the dead of winter! But I’d like to see what you come up with!

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                1. Not sure how easy they’d be for me to find, though……my neighbor has a stream, that’d probably be a good place to try. I love the availability of leaves! hehe. But if I could collect a bunch of them at the beach….that’d be such a great way to bring the beach into the winter.

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