30 Days of Leaves (Day 2)!

I am loving studying and drawing/painting fall leaves. I can’t wait for the amazing rich colors; it’ll make this challenge that much more fun! I want to thank BB for issuing this challenge!


I almost didn’t post this one, because in both cases, my initial ink sketches were a bit wonky and couldn’t be erased. But I decided to go ahead! Having a great time with this!   Once again, the top painting is ink and Neocolor II crayons, and the bottom is ink and my travel Cotman watercolor palette followed by another layer with my traditional (mostly M. Graham) watercolor palette.  Such rich, juicy colors in the M. Graham spectrum!

Karen at Lincs in Stitches is joining in as well, and I’m so inspired by her paintings AND fabric creations. Wow, so much talent here at WordPress!   Speaking of talent, I haven’t forgot about the September Draw A Bird Day recap – I hope to compile that list and post it tomorrow.

I wish you all a wonderful almost-Autumn Thursday. Can’t wait for those red maple leaves! Peace.

65 thoughts on “30 Days of Leaves (Day 2)!

  1. Great job Laura! These are so wonderful already, I can’t even imagine what they are going to look like after 30 days! Hasn’t the weather been amazing! This is about the most perfect weather week ever here. Cool mornings and evenings and sunny warm afternoons with no humidity! GLORIOUS! Happy Day!

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    1. It is wooooooonderful, Jodi, which is why I love Fall so much! You start to lose the humidity, which is what makes our summers so tough. Add the fall colors and I’m in heaven. I’m so glad you are enjoying my leaves. They are so much fun to draw and paint! I thought this would be insanely tough, as it was last year at this time. Proof that the art journey and a regular practice does indeed pay off. :))))

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    1. Thank you, Denis. I’ve been wondering about leaves in particular……my florals have improved, but I still find them tough! Leaves seem to come to me naturally now, which blows me away. Last year I tried them and almost threw in the towel with drawing completely. Interesting what a difference a year makes. Thanks for your encouragement!


    1. Thank you, Jill, and so did yours, my friend! You inspired me to join BB in her challenge! Btw, I’ve almost filled my third art journal, thanks to you. I’d have never kept organized, sequential art work any other way! If I ever have grandkids, they may be thanking you for your wonderful suggestion and encouragement. :)))

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  2. These are terrific! I feel so much better having read that you “almost threw in the towel” last year painting leaves……I thought I was going to find this challenge easy but I must admit I am struggling with painting. Hopefully I will have mastered the subject by the end of the thirty days.
    P.S. Loved the “wonky flag” comment from Doddlewash!

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          1. I have Laura, I have a small set of coloured pencils, they are so expensive so only a set of 16 luminance ( my first ever set was prismalo, now rather stumpy pencils and over 25 years old) for years I only ever worked in coloured pencil, it is only in the last two years I have decided to try other mediums. I have just recently bought 2 neopastels, strange I know but I wanted to try them, for under painting in oil, also v expensive and two was my limit, they seem lovely, and great pigment. As are most of their lines. Interestingly some of my go to pencils are often cheaper high street brands, like our English WHS, coloured pencils, I love them too ( I bet the light fastness is not good, but does it matter for fun, and the purse is happier)

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            1. You’re so right! I know what you mean exactly. I am so careful about what I buy – you should have seen my process last year with trying to choose a set of CPs. I fell in love with the Pablo line – I’m pretty sure that’s Caran d’Ache, but they were so expensive. I recently learned they have Supracolor which is watercolor pencil that is supposed to be wonderful and a rep. is going to send me samples of that and also the Neocolor I, which is water-resistant. I just have a sneaky feeling that I will fall in love with everything by Caran d’Ache, just as I love everything I try by Faber-Castell. I love Derwent products too! I am so hooked on art supplies, but you have to be so careful, because everything is sooo pricey. I don’t blame you at all for buying a couple of them open stock – I only bought one and really liked it, but the color I chose was so pale that it didn’t give me a chance to see how vibrant the color really was.

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              1. Ohhh let me know how the samples go, so exciting. I can spend hours in art shops, my buy this weekend is a replacement putty rubber, in the end not the one I wanted, which was the Faber castell , still the one I bought will do for now….I’m into charcoal at the moment, even if a little messy, at least it is dry! Oh and some blending stumps, I am ok with my fingers getting dirty, but not great at avoiding messy fingers on clean sheets of expensive paper. Eeeek, that is a pricey thing too, but good paper sure does make a difference. I think my Best Buy this year was investing in a good large sable brush, everybody says it is the bees knees, and it did make a difference to my work, happy days, but not the purse! X

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  3. Laura, I’m so glad you still posted this! I love it! My favorite part is taking all the creations and putting them together. They become a special collection and ones you thought you didn’t like… well, they seem to compliment the set perfectly. Beautiful work!

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    1. Thank you!! I think you’re really wise to be painting yours on tiles. I’ve been doing them in my art journal. Now I’m wondering if I should be trying some on good watercolor paper, as I’m thinking of opening an Etsy shop soon (before the Christmas shopping season). Would be nice to have the option to sell some of them. Maybe I should wait for the more rich colors for that. Although – I tried one last night that was orangish and yellow and didn’t even get past the Neo II crayons sketch, as I really couldn’t capture the richness. I think I’ll need the cadmium hues for these leaves. Are those the colors you usually use in WC?


      1. Yes, I do like painting mine on the tiles so that if I choose to sell them they are ready for that. I rarely work in sketchbooks anymore other than for strictly study sketches. I do completely love working with loose paper!! If I hate it, it is easier to put it in a pile or rejects 😉
        Yes, I like sticking to those hues. What I’ll try to do with my next post with the leaves is show the tools all used…

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          1. Yes, I am very happy with them so far. I don’t use a lot of water with my watercolors. I use more paint, and just enough water to make it spread. I have found with the paper I use, I can’t do a lot of wet rework, because it causes the paper to pull off. I will hand cut the rest of my tiles from a large watercolor pad. So, if you have your favorite paper, just cut the paper to the size you want to use. 🙂

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