Day 3: Don’t Leaf yet, I just got started!

lol…..oh, it’s been a long day hehe

Here is Day 3 of BB’s 30 Day Leaf Challenge. I hope to find more interesting leaves for the future, with more cool colors as fall blooms before our eyes.

0918Neocolor II + ink on top and Cotman travel watercolor palette + ink below.   I’m going to try and find some reddish or yellowish leaves……not really seeing any yet.   I probably need to open my eyes more.   We could all notice the things in front of us a little more.    Art is a wonderful blessing that way.   I hope to roll out a small art quilt for you this weekend.   It’s coming together!

Peace and piles of leaves to jump in to you!   And Happy Friday!   😀

63 thoughts on “Day 3: Don’t Leaf yet, I just got started!

  1. The leaves on the ground around here are mostly brown too. A friend told me it’s because we had all those weeks without much rain. Hopefully now that we’ve had a few wet days the colors will come.
    But I love your shades of brown, and nice shadows. (K.)

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        1. Oh Teresa, if I was ever that programmed, I’d abandon art altogether lol. I have to go where the spirit leads. I think the reason I did so many roses is there are two rosebushes right outside my door and I am a very lazy artist! I think the only one I do want to stay with from a “have to” or kind of planned standpoint is that I draw something every day. Because I’ve seen that really pay off, so it’s worthwhile to do that. And that’s where I usually go to my art journal, because I’m really liking seeing the changes in my drawings over the months. I also totally lack organizational skills, so it’s nice to have all of them bound together and dated!! 😀

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    1. Thanks, Kari! They are all in my art journal, but you raise a great question. I’m thinking about taking leaves to my art quilts, so from that perspective….who knows, maybe I’ll do one of my leaf paintings on fabric. I’ve not been able to get lots of detail on fabric, but you never know….. What would you do if you had a leaf collection? Have you tried drawing any?


      1. To a certain extent within a landscape scene in my paintings and did piece that was just of a tree (under About, see tree challenge), but not macro. I definitely like what you’ve done here and will enjoy the whole series during this month.

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  2. So deliciously fun! Love the curl up of your leaves, they are perfect. Oh, and isn’t it strange that here the dead leaves are what we find before the beautiful colored leaves, and not the other way around?! The two chestnut trees in the yard have been delivering me deep lovely deep red leaves… along with some yellow and green. They are a delight to collect and my art table has been feeling up with so many leaves!

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    1. Thanks!! I was amazed last night when I actually looked in my own backyard (vs. going to a trail at the park), how many gorgeous colors I actually found among all the brown ones! When I laid them out on the kitchen counter, it was quite a collection!! I know what you mean!!

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  3. I won’t be leafing you…sounds like a country song! LOL! I like the leaves you have been painting. They have such character! And my favorite is the one you did today in watercolor. 😊 YAY Laura! 🎨🍁🍂🌿

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    1. Karen, just try and get the essence down would be my suggestion. In pen or pencil first, and then for me, I go in wet in wet with the color, which really allows watercolor to do what it does best. It’s the perfect medium to capture the texture and color of leaves if you just let it flow. Go easy on the paint. I’ve been using mostly pan paints, which helps, but you could use tube paint and just go very light. I sometimes have to let the first layer dry and go back in to get the color intensity, but I do work hard at staying loose and free and trying not to be too detailed. I do think that drawing and painting flowers for many many days last summer helped a lot with this exercise. You could really hate flowers if you tried to get every petal. So I decided to get the essence of that flower, and those paintings were much more successful. My two cents. If you find any great YouTube’s, I’d be thrilled to hear about them!


      1. Thanks Laura, that all makes good sense. I must admit the horse chestnut was looking ok (ish) at one point….I hadn’t drawn it, just straight on with green pan paint (forgot to mention that in my post) but then when I added the red it looked awful and that’s when I got the Inktense and Pilot pen out. The result is flat and heavy. Trouble is I’ve tried painting a couple of times in the past and been disappointed with what I’ve done so didn’t continue with it as a medium. It would be too easy for me to give up now so I will try to push through this if I can 😆

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  4. Love the title!! you can make the leaves whatever color you want. go to TOWN! jes sayin…. make puddles of three fall colors you love, add a smallish puddle of dark blue in it….to see the glory of how it works with oranges… and mingle them on the page in the leaf shape. paint a portion of the leaf in one, switch to another WITHOUT rinsing your brush, and watch the two colors mingle on the page. Do it again without rinsing a third time. add a touch of blue here and there. voila!

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    1. Rachel, thank you! You make a great point. I think I’m trying to paint the actual leaf because it’s a new subject for me, but if I were making an art quilt or making a painting to sell (ha!), I would definitely make the colors as interesting as I possibly could! I’ve since found some colorful leaves and I’ve learned that painting the yellows and reds of fall is quite challenging! What colors do you typically use when painting fall foliage?


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