Day 8: Leaves a-plenty! (30 Day Leaf Challenge)

I’ve always loved fall, but I think this one is even more cool now that I’m focused on making leaf art just about every day. πŸ™‚


The top one I drew, then painted, but the bottom leaf I traced, then painted. It was curling a lot and I decided to hold it down and trace it. I do enjoy drawing though, so I probably won’t do that again. It was cool to try, though.Β Β  Both in my art journal with my Cotman palette.

Warming up for the Friday Fall Festival of Frankfurters? hehe. Nothing better. Peace.

56 thoughts on “Day 8: Leaves a-plenty! (30 Day Leaf Challenge)

  1. Beautiful! I believe tracing is a wonderful way to get the feel of something, and do it often myself when my eye and hand are having an argument. πŸ™‚
    I especially love the top leaf. It appears to have more “life” … more of an artistic flare in the movement of it. The shadows are lovely. Sometimes, I will enhance the shadows on my leaves just for more of a dramatic affect.

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    1. Thanks! I think tracing is a great exercise, esp. when you’re working with a new subject. Bird day is the 8th of each month! Tomorrow is portrait (Selfie) day though and that one is being put together by Teresa at One Good Thing and Kirk at Dumb Sketch Daily – maybe you’re getting it mixed up with that one?

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  2. good morning Laura! your leaves look very pretty with one orange and one yellow based, great combo. love the way you handled the pen work, nice and judiciously ! with a bit of artistic flair and freedom in there πŸ™‚ having the holes in the leaf is an great way to give watercolour leaves more depth, very good!!

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  3. TheyΒ΄re both beautiful, but I like the upper one a little bit better… What is the “Friday Fall Festival of Frankfurters”? Sounds funny… 😊 (IΒ΄m from Frankfurt and living in Frankfurt right now, thatΒ΄s why IΒ΄m so curious…)

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