“Selfie” Challenge

I want to thank Teresa of One Good Thing and Kirk of Dumb Sketch Daily, who are leading the charge for Selfie day, in which participants all agreed to draw a self-portrait. What a cool and fun challenge, and I really enjoy portraits, so I was looking forward to it!

ash cropped 02252015

I tried twice to draw myself, once from a photo (which turned out badly) and once in the mirror yesterday (which turned out even worse), and so I decided to draw a recent photo of my daughter instead, as she is half me after all lol. Well, that one even bombed, so I decided to bring out an “oldie but goodie” I drew of my daughter as a toddler, from her birthday earlier this year, and post that one instead. I hope you all enjoy. πŸ™‚

ash photo cropped 02252015

I’m not sure if abstract portraits are allowed, but if my work schedule today permits, I will try and conjure up a quick abstract self-portrait later today. Looking forward to it! Peace and Happy Fall Friday to all!

44 thoughts on ““Selfie” Challenge

    1. Thanks, Teresa! Actually, this was a first try in a very very small sketchbook. But that was back in February, when I was doing portraits on a regular basis. I’m a bit rusty now, so my attempts at drawing recent photos of my daughter bombed horribly! I’m glad you enjoyed this. Looking forward to seeing the other portraits.

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  1. Wonderful portrait :-). Like Kerfe said, you caught the bright eyes! Your daughter’s whole face expresses joy. You’ve done such lovely work with other people’s portraits… yours is probably just a few attempts away. I looked at my face in the mirror a few times yesterday and tried to imagine drawing it. Seemed like climbing Everest. Maybe I’ll, um, see about getting to base camp today.

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  2. Portraits are difficult! I’ve tried to draw myself several times and never quite happy with the results.. And my kids are often my models and they aren’t happy about them either! Love the baby portrait!

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  3. What a sweet drawing of your daughter, Laura! ❀️ I do hope you try an abstract of yourself! 😊 I agree with Kerfe in that for me, I look at myself in the mirror and start seeing all my flaws. Lol! Good to know I’m not alone here. I hope your daughter liked the portrait you did of her as a baby. β€οΈπŸŽ¨πŸ’œ

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  4. I remember this one. Still just as cute the second time around. Maybe you can dig up an old baby photo of yourself. That would make for an entertaining self-portrait. I always just post mine anyway though, even when I think they’re terrible.

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