Abstract Fall Landscape

….from the Queen of Autumn *she says, as leaves swirl around*

0927I was playing with some new Neocolor II water-soluble crayons and my Cotman travel watercolor palette and conjured up this little scene, which brought some peace at the end of a looooong day.   Refreshing!   That’s what art is for me.    And oddly, doing a painting like this before bed can even help my sleep.   Weird, huh?

I hope you have a wonderful, crisp, colorful and creative Sunday.   Peace.

45 thoughts on “Abstract Fall Landscape

  1. Loving these color combos Laura! The burnt orange next to the teal is yummy! Hope you have a relaxing Sunday, my friend! I get to go sailing today with some friends! I have never sailed before and have always wanted to try it. It is a bucket list thing for me. 😊

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  2. stunning colour combination Laura!! also, I noticed a very good design woven through this 🙂 horizontals 2/3 verticals 1/3; there’s also implied Diagonals to give it movement/action; with contrast to lead the eye Up. super duper composing Laura 🙂

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  3. You get some great effects with those Neocolour crayons. Whenever I see your work I’m tempted to fish my tin of Neocolours out and do something loose and vibrant like this. The effect has usually worn off by the time I get home though!

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