Day 10: Leaf’s Alive!

Not quite…..hehe. It needed another layer but I was working on this last night and just plain ran out of energy today to add more to it! I hope you enjoy it anyhow. :)))


Yay, we made it to Wednesday…..and it’s almost October! The best month of all months. Peace.

38 thoughts on “Day 10: Leaf’s Alive!

  1. Beautiful art Laura. Sometimes the leaves leave their best till the very last as the colour fades. Keep a look out for Japanese Maple leaves if their are any around. Better still hop on a plane in mid November and fly to Kyoto Japan and collect an encyclopaedia of leaves for a marathon art display.

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  2. Um. Wow! This is so beautifully done. The veins… color. lovely πŸ™‚
    And totally agree with you on October. Seriously one of the best months (minus all the creepy movies and things that come out). If we could have a year of Octobers and Novembers, my soul would be in heaven.

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