Day 11: Leaf Challenge? or Drunken Artist?

OK, so this wasn’t one of my better leaf paintings, but we all have those days, huh?   I think the top one is Neocolor crayons and the next is my Cotman travel palette.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Fall weekend and stays dry! Personally, this is perfect weather for so many things. All of the cozy things like reading, sewing, enjoying an old movie with someone cute…..even drawing and painting, with lots of lights added. 🙂 Peace.

44 thoughts on “Day 11: Leaf Challenge? or Drunken Artist?

  1. So far today: leaves 3, other subjects 1. Do you use water and brush over your neocolor? I like drawing with crayons, but I’ve never tried to do anything further with the drawings.
    Nice composition too. (K.)


        1. They are a challenge but sooo much detail and perfect for wet in wet watercolor washes. My advice is just let there be a bit of sheen and then drop in very small amounts of paint at first… easy to get some of those leaf effects with watercolor. I can’t imagine trying it in acrylic or oil. The water really does so much of the work for you!


  2. Man, these are some seriously good leaves! I personally think this is one of my favorites, Miss Drunken Artist xD . These seriously look crazy real! The middle one is really 3D and I love that, but to be honest, I like the top one best! Although it isn’t exactly 3D, for some reason there is something super enticing about that leaf. Maybe it’s that when looked at close up it almost looks aflame with the colors of fall. Idk, great job either way!

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  3. oh my. yes, this fall weather makes me want to do so many things, and my art is beginning to lack. the leaves are getting started each day, but not finished. goodness. I think we need more hours in the day just to be able to enjoy and do everything we love.
    Oh, and the shadow totally helps bring the leaf alive. It is amazing how much a shadow can do. To make it pop even more, around the shadow that is touching the leaf, I would add a little bit of a darker shadow. (Sorry, I hope you are not offended if I offer advice. Truly don’t mean to. Since teaching art lessons again, I am on the lookout for ways to improve my own art as well as others.)
    Can’t wait to see more of your leaves! Are you working on anymore? Happy Monday!

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