Tree Practice

…I need more practice. But I promised myself better trees/leaves by fall’s end, so … I do find I enjoy painting both leaves and trees, so it’s all good!   Neocolors and Cotman travel palette and a very looooong football game assisted in this artwork.


Probably best to paint in the sky before the tree is painted.   Although this one kinda looks like a tree in the rain, which all of the trees are at this point, so.   Onward!

I hope you take some time to savor the smells of fall today.   Cinnamon alone is just….it really is enough.   But add nutmeg and a Granny Smith apple and do you really need another thing?   Exactly.   Peace.

64 thoughts on “Tree Practice

  1. It does look like the trees here as well…but we needed the rain (although a gentle all day rain would have been fine). I just made cinnamon tea last night! And I’m loving apple season already. (K.)

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  2. Very pretty…and what is it that those leaves are whispering? Could it be, “Happy Birthday to you!” Seriously, if I remember right, today is your birthday – may it be blessed in every way that makes you smile!
    Maybe Baltimore beating Pittsburgh was an early birthday gift – but don’t tell Jodi I said so! 🙂

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    1. Lol, we were all shocked that the Ravens won that game! Thanks, Kathy! Great memory! (Speaking of which, is yours the 10th or 11th? My memory is so bad that I don’t even remember where we talked about it to go back and look it up! And I’m still in my 40s lol!)


  3. It’s your BIRTHDAY??!!! Happy Happy Happy!!! Thanks for the reveal Kathy! 🙂 hehe! This is a beautiful tree, and it does look like it is raining, which is exactly what it looks like here today! Except the leaves aren’t nearly as beautiful yet! Yes – it is a cinnamony, appley, wonderful birthday day for Ms. Autumn! Hugs!

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    1. Thanks, Jodi! Our trees aren’t either, they are mostly green still, I was drawing this from my imagination. Trees are hard enough from my mind, let alone trying to draw actual trees but I’m on a mission to improve them! Happy autumn weekend and give Janet a big hug!

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  4. Happy Birthday Laura! May you have an amazing, happy and healthy life… Life begins at forty they say…There must be truth in it……To many more birthdays Laura 🙂

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  5. I agee, trees are at their wildest now and so beautiful in color and the movement of the branches and the leafs making their way through the air and blowing winds to the ground. I can totally see why you are so inspired! xo Johanna

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  6. Lovely post!!! And beautiful colors in your tree!!! You know what I figured out yesterday (when painting the rose hips)? It´s great to start a watercolor with light washes with the colors you wanna use later. I layed a green wash over background and leaves, waited until it had dried, and then layed a red wash over the the rose hips and their background (left out the spaces for the white light dots). And just started really painting after that was dry too. I think that gave it this cool watercolor look, because it looks like the color has gone “off” a little – but actually that´s the background. 😊 I´m just telling you this because you reflected on whether to paint the sky first or not. After my yesterday´s experience I´d say: Yes, background and stuff as light washes in the beginning. (Could be that this is not always the case, but yesterday it worked quite well. 😉)

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  7. Nice! I like how you work backwards. Ha Add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to the cinnamon – nutmeg apple and I’m right there with you. Enjoy your weekend!

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  8. HAPPY Happy Birthday Laura! So glad Kathy shared the news! 😊 Hope you have fun celebrating and doing whatever makes you happy today! 🎉😄🎨🌈💖🍂🎁🎂
    And a lovely autumn tree blowing in a soft warm breeze! I can smell the apple crisp baking in the oven of my imagination…lol! 🍏🍎🍂

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  9. I love the warmth the fall foliage colors brings to the otherwise cold autumn days.
    My personal favorite time of the year, great job capturing that feeling!

    Happy Birthday Laura!!!
    Hope you enjoy your day to the fullest.

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  10. What?! It’s your birthday, Laura?! Isn’t it just like a brother to forget a birthday. 😊😊 Okay…lets do this… you go buy yourself something awesome and we’ll say it was from me! 😉😃👍🏻 Beautiful fall tree and wishing you the very best and much love today! (All days, of course, but today in particular!) ❤️❤️❤️

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  11. what a HAPPY day, HAPPY Birthday Laura!!! I hope you have a very special and wonderful day 🙂 …of course with some nice prezzies too ! your tree foliage is a gorgeous orange-red, very pretty Laura! enjoy your day 🙂

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