Draw A Bird Day, October *cue the howl*!

The other day, I spotted a beautiful little bird on our deck neither of us has seen before. I saw him several times throughout the day, and then by the following day, he was gone. Found him in our trusty Audobon field guide and it turns out he was an Eastern Phoebe, migrating south. So of course, I had to draw him for this month’s birdie celebration!


Time has been short of late, so I sketched him pretty quickly with a couple of Polychromos colored pencils and then added a bit of a hasty background with my Cotman travel palette.    I’m looking forward to seeing all of the terrific artwork from the many artists who join together on the eighth of each month to celebrate our freedom-loving feathered friends.    Find out more about the official Draw A Bird Day holiday from A-Wing and A-Way at this link.

I’m taking a creative blogging break for a little while beginning this weekend, but I look forward to making a wrap-up post with links to everyone’s artwork when I re-enter the blogosphere!    Happy peeps and chirps to all today!   Peace.

70 thoughts on “Draw A Bird Day, October *cue the howl*!

    1. Thanks, Catherine! I saw your bird today but I can’t comment on your posts for some reason. I’ve seen it but I wish I could remember what it’s called. You did a beautiful job with it, love your expressive feathers! So cute! Glad you joined us! 💛💛💛


  1. What a gorgeous little bird , to think he/she is passing by on migration and stopped off at your place. Our migrating seabirds are about to arrive back from Siberia very soon, (that is this who make it) as their resting spots in Northern and Southern Asia are continually decimated and destroyed from development and exploitation

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  2. You drew a beautiful phoebe, Laura! I almost decided to draw one because one was on our deck doing something really weird with a piece of fiber. Phoebes always raise 2-3 broods over our back door every year. They’re cute but poop all over the door handle.

    I still can’t get over how well you draw things after just a year of intensive drawing!

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  3. Oh, Laura, what a cute little bird!!! The small, inconspicuous ones are my favorite! Love your combination of colored pencil and watercolor here, it´s beautiful (you know that that´s my favorite… 😉)! Hope you´ll be back soon, I will sure miss you around here while you´re gone… Actually I can´t be here that often either, because I´m struggling with more and more homework… “See” you soon, I wish you a wonderful “time off”!!! ❤️

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    1. Thanks, Ann! I was thinking of you when making this! Was wondering how much the pencil would resist the watercolor. It did at first but then i found I could bring color in to the bird with the paint if I kept going over it. Was a fun experiment! Glad you enjoyed the bird and I’m looking forward to a fun creative break. :))

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  4. What a sweet bird Laura! 💜 You are getting so great at drawing birds! I like this one in color pencils. 😊 I understand the need for a break from blogging. Hope you keep creating though! And I will miss you! 🎨🌈🐥😊💖

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  5. Your little Phoebe is so cute :-)! Great job with the colors. And I love her sweet gaze. So fun that he/she visited your backyard.

    I’m thinking of getting more color pencils. Since your colors are spot on for your little bird, I’m wondering how many colors you like to have at your disposal?

    Enjoy your break!

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    1. Myriam, thank you. I am an art supply addict. Well, I’m in recovery right now. But I can’t get enough color. My Polychromos set was on my Christmas list and was worth every penny IMO. I believe there are 120 colors in the full set. It’s up front money, sure, but they are available open stock. I notice some colors (browns) are wearing faster because I usually use them to do my portraits. Well, replacing one at a time will be very inexpensive to do. And I haven’t needed to replace any yet! I highly recommend everything Faber-Castell and Caran d’Ache makes. One note: unless the color is very very dark, you can erase these pencils! They are like writing with hard butter. A very light touch is usually best. Good luck.

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    1. You’ll be going hog wild in no time! Good luck with it! Remember, no one needs to see it if you don’t like it. You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll be improving if you do it consistently. My artwork is living proof. Not that it’s so wonderful now, but you should see what I started with! It was worse than my first posts on this blog, let me assure you.

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  6. Great work, I have never seen one of these, and probably never will in the uk? I have been quiet for a while, now back to it! I should take inspiration from you and paint everyday, sometimes I just can’t, and tea and TV after work are all I can manage ( nights drawing in, eekkkkk)

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