Need a Little Christmas?

….Right this very minute? Me too! I was inspired and encouraged by my friends Jodi & Charlie to get my Rudolph on today.

I’ve been painting and/or drawing every day, just haven’t been taking the time to blog about it, but I may be popping in here and there with some holiday cheer between now and the end of the year.


Do you have a favorite Christmas special that you’d like to see artified?   I’d love to hear about it.   Hope you all enjoy! Peace and please…..keep those paintbrushes and pencils purple and pointy!

39 thoughts on “Need a Little Christmas?

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOH Laura!!!!!!!!!!! This is the MOST BEAUTIFUL Rudolph and Clarice I have ever ever ever seen! oh how I love love love! I had to stare at them for forever first before commenting. Just taking in the love. The acceptance. The kindness. The heart. Oh how amazing you expressed it in your beautiful art! How wonderful to see your art show up here again my friend! Yippee Yay! Oh How I love when you share the art you Create Every Day! THANK YOU! Sending love and big bear hugs! Thanks for spreading joy today! xo

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  2. One of my favorite Holiday classic shows and couples! They’re beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing your Max. I’ve watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas 3 times already with #1 Grandson! The animated original with Boris Karloff.
    I’m still trying to find my Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer video. Mine are so old they’re still on video! 🙂

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    1. Hey, some of ours are too! Max is not easy to draw! I’ve tried it twice and not been pleased enough to show…..but I’m not giving up hope. May need to do a pencil drawing first. I don’t understand how cartoon characters are harder to draw than birds, animals or people?! Makes no sense, but there it is.

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