100 Face Challenge: Mallard Duck (#4)

The best thing about blogging on WordPress is that we’re all constantly surrounded with tons of inspiration coming at us from every direction. This post at Bay Photos by Donna recently caught my eye, and I just had to attempt to draw this mallard head.   It was a magnificent close-up head shot!   It was calling….um, quacking my name!!


I like the ink drawing ok, but this is a face that begs for watercolor.   Don’t you agree?   How could any painter resist the beautiful colors in his head? I ran out of time to paint today, but aiming for a more colorful version of this beautiful bird next time out.   Thank you, Donna, once again, for your wonderful and inspirational photos!

Happy Sunday! Do more of what makes you happy. The world will be a better place if you do! Peace.


Materials Used:

Superfine Pitt Artist pen in black

Strathmore Visual Journal – Mixed Media format

67 thoughts on “100 Face Challenge: Mallard Duck (#4)

  1. Laura, you are so talented! Thank you for selecting my mallard photo to draw and the ‘shout-out’ to my blog. I am excited to continue to see your faces throughout the year. Wish I could draw! 🙂

    P.S. My mom was an awesome tole painter, and angels & snowmen were her passion. She did gorgeous work, I have many sentimental pieces now to treasure. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit her talent, but my daughter did! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Donna! I’m so glad you’re happy with it. I wasn’t sure about the pen lines at all and almost didn’t post it. I was happy with the shape though and my husband liked it, so in it went! I’m glad to hear you have your mom’s work to remember her; that’s awesome. I do think you have the artistic skills too; look at your beautiful photographs! I think with drawing, it’s a matter of daily practice, like everything else. I used to think you had to have a gift. Well, I knew I didn’t have it, so I gave up. Not sure why but something drove me back to art a year ago as an empty nester, and a daily practice has really made a difference. I think whatever you focus on, you’ll get better at. My two cents.


  2. Two things: 1) I like this drawing as is because it reminds me a bit of the drawings in Charlotte’s Web. 2) My daughter has been painting my birds over the holiday break and I just told her she should do a Mallard soon. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful job Laura! The sketch is beautiful. Watercoloring it would be amazing too, but it is truly lovely all on it’s own. You have a way of bringing things to life through your sketching. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent! Love it!

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    1. Thanks Jodi! I appreciate your thoughts on this. I almost didn’t post it because I was unhappy with some of the pen lines. Pen is its own animal, so much to learn with every medium I try. Some pull me in more than others. It’d be helpful for me to focus on one medium, but I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon. I have art ADD, I guess lol. I did try this in watercolor last night and it’s much harder than it looks. I also have no patience, which is not helpful lol. A watercolor mallard is a project for another day. Maybe it’s one for you to try! Happy Sunday to you!


    1. Aww, Sharon, you are so sweet! What a kind thing to say. I’m a big chicken, actually, but thanks to you, I’ll wear my Courage Crown today, lol! I’m glad you liked this. I almost didn’t post it because I was unsure about the lines under the neck (and others too). So much to learn with every medium, Sharon! I sometimes wonder if I should focus on just one. But I don’t know if I could. Any words of wisdom?

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      1. Do wear your crown of courage today! The journey of an artist does take courage. In my opinion….I say focus on your drawing…it’s the daily practice! Go for a few a while with out color. As you gain more confidence with your drawing, then add other mediums. This is just a suggestion with love. 😍❤️

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        1. Thank you; I really appreciate it! (I’m not sure if I can do it, but that’s a whole different matter lol.) What about subject? Faces was a step in the right direction, I think, but I wonder if I should limit myself to a certain type of face? I sometimes become overwhelmed at the many possibilities of subjects and mediums.

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          1. I think what you are doing is great. For now stick with animals and birds, if you are loving the subject. Keep it simple for yourself and that will help take the overwhelmed feelings at bay. And yes, Art has endless possibilities! If you are determined to improve your drawing skills, then just stick with drawing for a while. Just a sketch pad, pencil or pen can help minimize the anxiety!

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            1. It really does, I find. Then I come on here and see so many things I’d like to do myself, and I get distracted! This is where the blog break really helped. I would like to add human faces too. Have you ever done portraits in pen, Sharon? I used to do them in colored pencil, just working with one pencil and sketching. Really enjoyed that. Pen is a whole new challenge because I’m finding it’s very easy to age the subject! Have you found this? (Thanks so much for your wisdom, Sharon!!)

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              1. I agree, the abundance of art styles can get you off track…stay strong and focused though. Keep that courage crown on, lol.
                I don’t draw many portraits. They are one of the most difficult challenges for me. Time to do more practice!! Have a great day.

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  4. I also like the eye very much. Yes, the color version will be beautiful but I think it takes a talent to capture the personality in black and white and you did it perfectly.

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    1. Thanks, Susan. My husband got me a mug that says that for Christmas, and boy, isn’t it true? We should all do more of what makes us happy. I added the part about the world being a better place but I wonder sometimes if it really may be just that simple. I’m glad you enjoyed the little mallard. Ducks are so cute!

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    1. They really do. This one will have to wait for his colorful fling but for now I’m happy with the ink. I’ll be doing post soon to promote the work of an artist I discovered a month or so ago. He just came out with a new book and he is a gifted teacher. He is mostly an ink guy but works in a few other mediums too, including some watercolor. Anyway I’m learning a lot for him and really enjoying ink as a result (which I was sure would never happen).

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    1. Thanks, Jill! That one is gonna stay inside my January journal lol. I wasn’t thrilled with it. I think for now, I’m better off with pen and pencil. I disappoint myself when I try to add color – not always, but if I want to be realistic lately, it’s not working out so well. Glad you enjoyed this one!


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