100 Face Challenge: Studio Cat (#6 & #7)!

I was browsing the blog of artist Katie Turner recently and found this post, featuring a wonderful photo of her studio cat, Tiger.    This cat is so gorgeous, with lovely markings, and I was especially drawn to her eyes (I am eye obsessed).   So of course, I had to draw her.    Or try!   🙂

010516 graphite

My first attempt was in graphite pencil (2B) in my 65-lb., mostly smooth Canson sketchbook.   I was happy with the eye, but had misaligned some other markings a bit.   And I didn’t think the lightweight paper would fare well with too much erasing.

010516 pen

So I tried again in ink, this time in my Strathmore mixed media journal with a Copic 0.1 mm nib.   I’ve not finished this drawing, but will probably start over again on Bristol smooth paper.   The photo has so much eye detail (making me crave about 100 more just like it, of any animal you please!) and I find myself being drawn to it again and again.   I’ve found that the importance of a good photo reference can not be overestimated.   I’ve also found that in spite of a good reference, it’s easy to make mistakes.   hehe.

I’ve got some barnyard animals planned for the future:  cows, horses, rabbits, roosters, and even the odd squirrel and raccoon.    Also, more dogs!    I hope you make this a day to remember.  Meowing in public could go a long way toward brightening a January day.   (I’m just checking to see if anyone’s still reading.   But meowing in public really is fun!)    Peace.

50 thoughts on “100 Face Challenge: Studio Cat (#6 & #7)!

    1. I’m so glad Carol! I’m a bit odd in that I prefer to own a cat but would rather draw a dog. Hehe! I think it’s the quiet peacefulness I really appreciate about cats. I wouldn’t wanna be awakened with a bark. lol. Meows were bad enough! All animals are wonderful though. I’m glad you’re enjoying my little project.


  1. Your studies of the facial features are good. Also trying different papers, ink and pencil. When you do small studies of features there is less commitment than say a full portrait of the face. This is where you can push yourself to try different options.

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  2. Happy new year Laura! I’m just catching up with your lovely blog after a short break. I love all of the drawings that you’ve done so far but as a cat lover the cat ones are my favourites 💜

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    1. Aw thanks, Tori. I find cats more challenging, but have drawn more dogs, for sure. I’m partial to cats as pets. There’s nothing like the soft purr and quiet warmth of a cat. 💛 I’m glad you’re enjoying my drawings. That means a lot, as I admire your work so much! I was thinking about you and your building challenge the other day.

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    1. Thanks so much, Jacob, and thanks for the follow! I’m really enjoying partial faces right now. This cat’s eyes are amazing in the photo. I couldn’t resist them! I’m so glad you enjoyed this! That’s a huge compliment as I just spotted a gorgeous wolf over at your place. A really wow piece! I’m complimented by your follow. Thanks again.

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