100 Face Challenge: Mooooooo (#9)!

How can anyone resist a face like this? Love the soulful eyes of a cow.   I just need to try and sidle up to one so I can get a nice cow eye, closeup! hehe.    I’m doing lots of quick sketches of different animals, experimenting with orientation and such.  This one is brought to you by the humble Indian Red polychromos colored pencil and an even more humble Canson sketchbook.

0107I hope you enjoyed.    I think Kerfe and Nina over at Method Two Madness may be hosting this month’s celebration of Draw A Bird Day.     Just helping them blast the trumpet, since Friday is the 8th!    It just snuck right up on us this time.  So, if you’ve always dreamed of drawing, painting, photographing, or celebrating our winged friends in some way, tomorrow is the day to do it!  *Tweet tweet*

Happy Thursday. I say we dance now. Who’s with me?

56 thoughts on “100 Face Challenge: Mooooooo (#9)!

      1. I´m afraid this time it won´t inspire you, because I didn´t have time and did just a quick drawing… And then ruined half of it by spilling water on it. Well, not my day today… 😉


          1. Legs! Yuk, had trouble with one tonight, under painting! Best thing is to Find a nice head shot, neither straight on, nor side but somewhere in between . Or one from behind with the head peeping round is nice ( I still have not taken one to my liking at this angle). I guess if it was to easy, we would not keep trying?

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  1. I love your energy! The face today is wonderful….the way you have positioned it on the page and the proportions!! Really nice and very brave to do a 100 faces….wow! Gonna be cool when you are done!

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