Sweet Friends: 100 Face Challenge (#12&13)

Lately, I’ve been hunting for interesting nonfiction books about birds and domesticated animals. I recently picked up the book “Citizen Canine” at the library, and I couldn’t resist trying a sketch of the cover. I just love photos of cats and dogs together. Yes, we CAN all get along! 😀

011016Isn’t this the sweetest?   I’m liking the marriage of Polychromos colored pencil and the Strathmore mixed media journal, which has a nice tooth.    I’m finding it helpful at this point to focus on value, which is why I kept this one monochromatic.

I’m really enjoying this challenge, and I hope that when I reach 100 faces, I’ll feel encouraged enough to ramp up my goal and keep on going!    Happy Sunday!   Peace and arty inspiration to you *flinging joy*!

48 thoughts on “Sweet Friends: 100 Face Challenge (#12&13)

    1. Thank you, Sharon! We can learn so much from animals. I’m really enjoying the challenge of fur. I’d love to take this challenge all the way through the year, and just see how many faces I can manage. Many of them are still hiding in sketchbooks, so I suppose I’d have to count them all hehe.

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  1. Ohhhh Laura! My heart is so warmed with this beautiful drawing. At first I only saw the sweet pup. And then I noticed his/her sweet little kitty friend curled up there. So very precious! I think you may end up doing book teaching others drawing some day ! Rock on Laura the artist!!! I only hope you go well past 100. The blogosphere is not the same without YOU!! 😘

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    1. Thanks, Mrs Sunshine! I wish you ran the universe, Jodi! hehe! I would love to do hundreds of faces, just keep going all year and see where the road takes me. Would be fun to count up all of them, including many that never make it to the blogosphere. Boy WP would be a different place without you too! Have a great paint puddle-y Sunday!

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  2. Laura this is a lovely portrait of a dog and cat in a relaxed pose together, you have captured that moment, and so cute too. My cats love to curl up to the dog, they think she is their personal hot water bottle! I don’t think it will take you long to get to that 100. Have a great day. Bec

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    1. Thanks, Denis! The nose, I’m finding, is the hardest part of a dog’s face. I’m wondering if I might be able to try Charlie, but I probably would need a photo of her in really great light. If you are able to see all of her features clearly in the photo, feel free to post a link to it if it’s on your blog or email to createarteveryday@comcast.net. Black fur is so so challenging. I’m able to do ok with white, though, so there’s hope for black now (maybe). Thanks as always for your visits and comments.


    1. Thanks so much, Debi! I’m really glad it translates because I’m definitely feeling it these days. I feel like I’ve got a road now, not drifting or trying to find the right subject anymore. Still wondering what medium I might settle into but maybe I don’t need to choose on that and just go with what feels right at the time. I really appreciate your input! Thank you!


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