Butterfly, beautiful dog: 100 Face Challenge (#15)

I was reading Rachel Mankowitz’s blog post the other day and was immediately struck by a terrific closeup shot of her adorable little dog, Butterfly. I just had to try drawing her.


I usually start with a preliminary sketch, but I was enjoying the subject and the sketching (and that Polychromos colored pencil) so much that I started adding more detail than I normally would. Then I realized there was a bit of an issue with the placement of one of the features, and decided to end the preliminary sketch.   This dog is so sweet, though, that I just had to share it. I hope to try a more complete sketch of this sweetie sometime soon. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! It’s clear you really love your dogs and you take wonderful photos of them. I hope you got a smile from this!

And I hope you did, too!    It’s a great feeling to be sketching faces this year.    I do believe I could do this every day and never tire of it!    I hope your Tuesday brings you wags, woofs and laughter.   Peace.


53 thoughts on “Butterfly, beautiful dog: 100 Face Challenge (#15)

    1. Thanks so much, Kerfe! Really glad to see you both saying that, because I was thinking it was just me. I am really grooving on partial faces, I think they’re really cool, but then I wonder…..what if I framed it? Wouldn’t it look bizarre at that point? But maybe not, if you both like it too! (I’ve always been a weirdo, so I question myself.) I appreciate your feedback!

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  1. Another masterpiece! The nose! And that eye! I am sure butterfly’s mom is going to be ecstatically thrilled! What a gift you are giving to so many while you do more of what makes you happy!!! ❤️💜💚💛💙

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    1. Thank you, Jodi! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them also! It makes it sooooooo fun to run around the blogs and look for photos that inspire me. Kathy is always so thrilled when we do one of her birds. People’s animals are even more fun to capture and share with them than that, so personal, part of the family! I have a whole ton of Charlie sketches I did before that painting (including that Less is More line drawing). I’ll be sprinkling them in too (and looking for new photos to inspire me lol)! It really helps when a good photographer such as yourself, Rachel, Kathy, and others posts a photo of their animal because really the key is a good photo. It’s amazing what a difference a really good reference makes. All the subtle shades I can find. Very cool. Yeah, this challenge pretty much has me bouncing off the walls because I just love spreading smiles around. Always love your comments! 💛💛💛

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    1. Thanks, Kathy! That’s in part due to the texture of the medium itself! It’s something I never used to think about before, but the choice of medium can really make a big difference to the success of the picture. There’s a bit of oil (and maybe a bit of wax too) in the Polychromos pencils and so you do get a bit of shine. Glad you enjoyed this!


        1. They are so gorgeous! I used to be roommates with someone who had a Cockapoo. She was the sweetest dog ever! You’re a lucky fur momma, for sure. I may try one or both of them again, really enjoyed staring into her beautiful face. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and stories, Rachel!


    1. Thanks so much, Debi! I’m glad you’re finding this expressive. I thought I would have to go more wibbly-wobbly with my marks (which I’ve not really graduated to yet) before I’d reach that point. Yay! Thanks, Debi, for the encouragement! I actually really like the partial faces! Not sure if others would consider that art and frame it, but I really like it (however, I’ve always been a weirdo, so who knows lol)!

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    1. Thanks so much, Jill! This dog was a delight to draw. As you say, you can just really tell she is one happy little girl, and I’m glad you can see that in the drawing too. I’m loving drawing animals and people; finally feeling like I’m doing what I’m “meant” to do in this art world. Thanks for your comment!

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