Portrait of a Man (#17): 100 Face Challenge

This is the second portrait I’ve tried in pen and ink.   I wonder if anyone will recognize him.    (Unlikely, unless you’re an American football fan.)    It was fun to do, and I’d like to try more human faces in ink.   I find you have to be careful with the strokes or you can really age a person.


Pen is an interesting medium.   I’m really enjoying the precision that’s possible, particularly with these Copic multiliners.   This one has a 0.1 mm tip.   If you think about it, that is whisker thin.   I like that.   It also makes it easier to try and cover up mistakes, a useful thing when using ink!  😀   So much to learn.   It’s always fun & challenging, this art journey!

Happy, Happy Thursday to you…….the long weekend approacheth!   Peace.

65 thoughts on “Portrait of a Man (#17): 100 Face Challenge

    1. Jodi, my ‘nista sista, you once again knocked it outta the park with your guess *ding ding ding ding ding* Way to go! You rock this every time! I’m so glad you recognized him. This isn’t my best portrait work, but still learning how to do an ink portrait without overdoing (and making the person like 100) lol. He has an interesting face, which made this more fun. Thanks for playing! 😀


      1. Ahh. I see Harbaugh, now. Sorry, Laura. It is a fine portrait. I was focused on a player. As a Bills fan, I blocked out any thought of a Head Coach – what with Buffalo stuck another season with Defenseless Rex : ) – Tom


        1. No worries at all; I understand totally! I’d have been thinking the same. I was watching yet another sad Ravens game, with Coach pacing the sidelines looking crestfallen and decided to google a photo of him in happier times. hehe. Sorry you’re stuck with Rex. 😦 Ed Reed may make a great asst. coach though. I wish Ray Lewis would come back and coach the Ravens!


  1. I wasn’t finished! The usual problem with the narrow window and the send button…I was going to say that I find different pens and different point widths provide both different effects and their own challenges. But it’s fun to try them out. (K)

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    1. True, good point. I’ve not experimented with very many nibs that are on the wider side. Just haven’t been drawn to them, probably because I lack the confidence at this point to make those bold, sweeping marks. Thanks for your great suggestion/tip, always appreciated, Kerfe.

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        1. Last tax season, I did quite a few! Back then I was doing an alphabet series, so I would use titles like “R is for ???” and then draw someone with an R first, last or character name. It was lots of fun. Lately, my portraits haven’t been turning out so well (this is from a couple of weeks ago) but I’d like to start adding more of them to the mix! It’s fun to have the guessing game. Jodi is the Queen though. I wound up holding the comments in moderation so an early guess doesn’t give the game away. Jodi gets up pretty early and she nails it almost every time (even this one! No one else guessed it!). It’s nice to be able to turn that moderation feature on so the game can go on! 😀 Glad you enjoyed it, Sharon!

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    1. Aw, I really appreciate that, Kirk! So kind of you to say that! I have to tell you – that particular pen has a whisper-fine nib, and that makes a huge difference, IMO. Light touch with a fine nib leaves lots more room for error because you’re making such light marks. You can press harder to darken. I recommend them highly. Copic multiliner, this one was a 0.1 mm. Very fine. Wonderful! I’m so glad you liked it!

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  2. I don’t watch football, so I don’t know him, but it’s a terrific portrait! It is hard to keep from drawing too many aging lines on a person, isn’t it? Did you draw in pencil first and then went over it with ink or, as I do, just dove in with ink?

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    1. I’m the same as you, Teresa. The only thing I did was to draw a straight horizontal in pencil to get the eyes straight, then swooped in with the pen. I find if I try to do differently, I get too far into the left-brain and the whole drawing gets smashed lol. Daring greatly! 😀

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    1. Thanks again, Jill! It’s the Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh. I’m trying to dip my toe into portraits again, since I’m doing the face challenge, but birds and pets keep calling me back. Ink, I’m finding, is a whole new ballgame because it’s very easy to overdo the lines and make the person look like their own grandfather lol. So it’s been a journey. Lots of practice ahead! Glad you enjoyed it!

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    1. Michelle, thank you! I’m so glad you think so. I should experiment with other tools, I appreciate your comment. I’m just getting my legs under me with ink, and I do enjoy it. Lots to learn though! Thanks for the follow; I appreciate it. I enjoy your work very much.


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