Redbird …. or not? (#18): 100 Face Challenge

I want to thank Kathy at Backyard Bird Nerd once again for inspiring me with a lovely photo of a cardinal.    I almost didn’t add color to this, but I did think to take a photo beforehand this time.  🙂

0115 1

What do you think?   Better with, or without?  It’s nice when we can look back at an image, or see the stages along the way.   I often go into a creative trance and forget to take photos during the process.    I love color, but sometimes those pen lines look fine as is, and the color can be a bit much.   I’d love to hear your thoughts.   I believe this was Graphitint and Inktense watercolor pencil, and a General’s sketch and wash (water-soluble graphite) pencil.   With Copic 0.1 mm fineliner underneath.

0115 2

And I hope we are all joining the birds today in whistling a happy Friday tune!    Peace and pigskins (that’s football for my friends outside the States) to all!

50 thoughts on “Redbird …. or not? (#18): 100 Face Challenge

  1. What a difficult decision…… I immediately knew cardinal when I saw the pencil drawing and swooned. The red looks good too. If I had to choose – I think I pick the first without color – surprised at myself, but that is my gut instinct. Will be interesting to see how the vote turns out 🙂

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  2. I like both Laura, but the red just symbolizes the strength of the cardinal – his long standing call out to nature. Beautiful work, they have a minimalist feel to them, but give the viewer total appreciation of the species. Congrats on keeping up with the challenge!

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  3. I’ll go with black and white, but maybe I’m biased that way! I find looking at the line drawing sort of suggests the colour in my head (though that probably only works if you’ve seen a cardinal before) while in the coloured one the details do get lost a little. They’re both lovely though!

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  4. I like them both too but the color is my fav. What a surprise, huh?! Lol! 😜 I could tell it was a Cardinal without the color but it is such a beautiful red bird that the color makes it sing to me. Hehe! 😍👍 BTW, I was watching bird videos last night on The Bird of Paradise- did you know there are 42 different species in New Guinea? Really colorful birds with unusual feathers. Birds are so amazing, I don’t think I will ever tire of them! 🎨🐦🐤

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    1. Thanks, Jill! I had a feeling color would be your vote! Wow, I didn’t know that. Birds are so amazing. I’m enjoying Kathy’s photos so much, I could almost make this a 100 Bird Face Challenge lol! You’re so right – there are so many, and all so beautiful and unique. As artists, we could spend a lifetime on birds alone!

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  5. I’m late, but think it’s brilliant!!! I knew straight-away it was a Cardinal a could read through your text to get to the next image fast enough! It’s brilliant, wonderful, and very, very life like!

    You have no idea how much I’ve longed to see and photograph this bird. How I long to see one male with my own two eyes! We don’t have them at all, EVER where I live.

    I love the profile you chose to draw, the color, and that highlight in its eye! I hope one day I can photograph one this good. WOW! Your drawing is…WOW!, Okay, sometimes there’s just no word better than WOW! I’m just sayin’!

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