Dog in Profile (#19): 100 Face Challenge

I checked “The Artist’s Guide to Drawing Animals” by J. C. Amberlyn out from the library some time ago, and every now and then, I copy one of her sketches.   I’m finding this book really useful, as she breaks each animal down, feature by feature.    Love the expressiveness in her lines.   This is something I’m really working on this year:  loosening up and trying to let more emotion and personality come through in my work.

011616This was done with a humble graphite pencil in my mostly smooth (and definitely humble) Canson sketchbook.

I hope that you are enjoying the finest of Saturdays today.    Take time for yourself.   Read, create, relax with some beautiful music and fill up your soul.    Let’s make the world a better place, one sweet moment at a time.   Peace.

66 thoughts on “Dog in Profile (#19): 100 Face Challenge

  1. Hey Laura – You selected a wonderful drawing to copy. Lots to learn here about composition, line rhythm, rendering expression through the eye, etc. You wield your humble graphite pencil like a magic wand! You completely captured the dog’s attention to its master and your line work is masterly – soft and expressive, bold and expressive – all at the right places – leading the viewer both up to and down to the focal area of the eye. Nice work! – Tom

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    1. Rebecca, this comment really lifted my heart up this morning & I really thank you for stopping by and giving your encouragement. I am learning so much from copying the work of other artists. I really hope to be able to express myself with line as she can someday. Thanks again!

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  2. Laura, Your humble graphite pencil has captured the personality of the dog. You’ve successfully directed the eye of the viewer to the dog’s position; it’s head looking upward, giving an emotional connection to your drawing which strongly influences the aesthetics, and the viewer’s interpretation of the subject; one’s gaze lingers on the dog’s face…wondering what the dog is looking at or perhaps the viewer is reminded of their own pet. I can definitely see your line work loosening up with the movement of the fur. Beautifully done Laura.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I couldn’t resist copying this sketch from the book, but I really hope to compose my own work like this one day! Your feedback is most helpful as I feel my way along! Glad you enjoyed this!


  3. Wow! Laura! This is amazing! You drawings keep getting better and better, my friend! 🌟😄👍 I emailed you a couple of photos of Jack yesterday. Hope they will work for you. Enjoy your day! 🎨❤️

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    1. Thanks so much, Jill! My husband fell last night and wound up fracturing a couple of ribs. All is well but we got back from the ER very late and got almost no sleep last night so it’s been a weird day. Hopefully he will be mending soon. Prayers appreciated! Thanks so much for the pictures and I’m glad you enjoyed this drawing!

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  4. Your blog pleasing me as much , I am pleased to inform you that I have nominated you to the Liebster Awards.
    A challenge awaits you on my blog, very soon to read your answers to this challenge!
    Friendly !

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    1. I aspire for it too, Arvind! I copied this sketch from the book. I love her lines. I’m glad you’re getting something from this series that’s useful. I can’t seem to stop drawing faces, so hopefully this turns into a 2016 (and maybe forever) thing. 🙂


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