Less is More, Cat Re-Mix (#20): 100 Face Challenge

Learning the ropes with pen drawings, and the “less is more” technique I learned from Alphonso Dunn.  You may remember the dog version I posted a couple of weeks ago.   Meow!   Here’s Miss Kitty!   I hope you enjoy.

011716I hope you enjoy your Sunday.   Peace.

36 thoughts on “Less is More, Cat Re-Mix (#20): 100 Face Challenge

  1. This is great! I really enjoy these minimalist drawings of yours (in case you hadn’t noticed ^^). It’s amazing how much you can capture with just a few lines, and such a great perception exercise! And apologies in advance if you see a …copycat… drawing on my blog; imitation = flattery and all that. ^_^

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  2. Beautiful! The thing with these I’m guessing is they look simple yet you must thoughtfully and strategically choose the lines that makes the most impact. Difficult I’m sure. Is there something underneath the drawing? I feel like I see another one under it showing through. Kinda magical! Who’s miss kitty is this sweetie?

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    1. Thanks so much, Jodi! Yeah, this is my ultra humble Canson sketchbook. Pages are pretty thin. I do love it though because even when I don’t think I can draw something, I try it because this is my elcheapo, what have I got to lose book. Yeah, you do have to think about it a bit and be familiar with the subject enough I think helps too. This was either Penny or a random cat from Google images. I do love running around the blogs and finding photos I can use to surprise people with tho. I hope you have a great game day today! 💛💛💛

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