Portrait of an Activist (#21): 100 Face Challenge

“The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace, and brotherhood.”




Peace and Happy Monday to all.

53 thoughts on “Portrait of an Activist (#21): 100 Face Challenge

  1. Oh, wow! Laura, you are so talented. Beautiful job. Just returned home from Memphis last night. We drove past The Lorraine Motel were Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Pat and I have visited the Civil Rights Museum previously. It is really well done. His motel room is as it was the day he was gunned down. Frozen in time. Thanks for honoring his memory. Hugs! πŸ˜‰ Sent from my iPhone


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  2. I knew right away it was, although I can see that it’s a tiny bit off. Our teacher last week, when I was struggling over my portrait, told me I had a likeness, but it could be better, but before it got better, it would probably get worse…and he was right! I was so frustrated. So many kudos to you for persevering!

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        1. No doubt. A cool challenge to think there are millions of faces, all different. Capturing a likeness is the ultimate high, though. Very cool feeling to see eyes you recognize staring back at you! I think that’s what has me so wrapped up in it. Add animals and I’m just flying all around the room lol. Really loving faces ATM.


  3. You’re doing so well! I urge you to stay with this one a while longer, work slowly, and try to bring it to a higher degree of completion. Let your darks get a little darker, particularly on the shadow edges. Way to go, girl!

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    1. Thanks, Maggie, I really appreciate your advice and I just may do it. It bugs me that I posted a portrait I don’t recognize myself. The hardest part sometimes is figuring out where it went wrong. I just figured it’s off in so many places, since I can’t figure it out, that maybe I should scrap it and try again. I’ll have to reassess. I appreciate your feedback very much, as you do wonderful portraits!


        1. You make a really good point, Maggie. I’ve decided his forehead is too high. Not sure if just correcting that might really make a difference. I’ve found the shape of the head can be so key. I wonder though – if I had posted this in July and not on MLK Day – do you think you’d have still seen him there?


          1. Yes, I think so. Do the measurements work out?
            But as my friend George Durkee says, the landscape is not your painting. Even if you don’t have a likeness, you can keep working on a drawing. mmm. I sense a blog post coming on here….

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            1. Hmm…you know, I haven’t measured it yet to see. I did a few measurements when I was laying out the features, because I drew him from this exact photo last year and the 3/4 view was a challenge. I don’t think I measured the distance from the eyes to the top of the head though. I’m almost sure I didn’t, because the printout I made of the photo actually cut the top of the head off. I hope you do make a blog post with some lovely advice for us baby artists! πŸ˜€


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