Creature Feature (#22): 100 Face Challenge



Recently, I’ve been inspired by animal artwork posted by Rebecca at RebeccaEvansCreate.    She recently painted an image of a watercolor animal which made me want to instantly grab a pencil and draw one.    I’m amazed by people who can paint fur; I still think it’s like a minor miracle and prefer my humble 2B graphite pencil.     I hope you check out Rebecca’s place.   She’s got some beautiful artwork to share over there.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.   Spread some smiles around.   Peace.

40 thoughts on “Creature Feature (#22): 100 Face Challenge

            1. Do you ever see them in Mars? I’d be tempted to do a partial face (shocking!) We see them, but not closeup, and I don’t have a zoom lens good enough to capture the head in any detail. I guess I could scout around on the blogs and try and find one though. I’m amazed at the skill of the WP photographers! Glad to see you’re going to be taking a class. I’d have thought you’d already taken several – you have great instincts & your photos are great.

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  1. Oh what a lovely surprise to be mentioned, flattered and blushing! So pleased to have inspired you, I love your fox in graphite, the half face, allows the viewers imagination to run wild…. To me he is peeping around the corner, maybe to a bunch of tasty chickens, or a fancy vixen he has had his eye on for weeks? By the way, you already are doing a great job with hair, I love your animals, and your new challenge really shows your talent and ability. I think you are the inspiration, your posts are making me also paint every day, so I thank YOU LAURA, you are a blogging gem 😀

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