Little Dog Grieving (#23 & #24): 100 Face Challenge

Sometimes an image I find will grab me so hard that I must draw it immediately.   This image from Meg at Little Dogs Laughed was such a photo, for me.   I didn’t even make it through breakfast before drawing it once in colored pencil:

little dog 1

and then again, this time in Copic 0.1 mm gray ink with Derwent Graphitint watercolor pencil overtop.

little dog 2

Because what drew me to this photo so strongly was the expression on her dog, Hubble’s face. And I wanted to focus much more on it.  My goodness.    Such emotion!   Animals know so much more than we give them credit for.     And they can be much more intuitive than humans.   I want to thank you, Meg, for inspiring me with your lovely photo.   This one really knocked my socks off.

Peace, wags and whiskers to us all!  Enjoy your Wednesday.

56 thoughts on “Little Dog Grieving (#23 & #24): 100 Face Challenge

    1. I think all animals do, but personally, I feel it’s easier to read a dog I don’t know. I could always read my cats perfectly well, but I can’t read just any cat. Most dogs I think are easy to read, even strange ones. Thanks Charlie, I’m so glad you like him!

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  1. Laura-this is wonderful! I just love seeing Hubble drawn-With lines, shading and shadow, you have done a marvelous job of capturing his “Hubbleness”-I am thrilled that this worked for you-and honored that you chose to do so-and from Hubble a big “Paws Up” Thank you again-

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    1. Thank YOU, Meg, for your lovely photo of a poignant moment with dear Hubble. I am so glad you’re happy with the sketches. Your opinion and Hubble’s are the only ones that really matter to me today. Really glad you enjoyed them. Give him a big hug from all of us, please! 😀

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  2. I agree with you Laura, If only can borrow their fascinating abilities, how much more in tune we’d be. Us humans fall short on astute observation; we’re to busy paying attention to other, noisier stimuli to notice. But I really think animals have a sixth sense. Your sketches certainly reveal what Hubble drew you into
    drawing him. What a precious face.


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