Happy Hedgehog (#25): 100 Face Challenge

Who could resist this face?


I love human faces, but I have a real weakness for animals. Hope you enjoy!

I can’t believe it’s only Jan. 21st and I’m already 1/4 of the way through my 2016 challenge?!  Whaaaaaaaaaa?   I hope no one minds if I keep right on going!  😀

63 thoughts on “Happy Hedgehog (#25): 100 Face Challenge

        1. Your forecast looks good! We’re now at blizzard warning, 24-30″ of snow predicted. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I think your shower may be just fine in Mars! (I was thinking you might wind up with more than us – don’t you guys usually get a fair amount of snow? Although this whole season, I think we’ve had under an inch so far. So I guess we were due.)

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    1. Wow, thank you, Charlie! I feel the same about the work you’re doing! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the faces. I’m totally hooked on them, but wanna keep things fresh as we go, because not everyone is as hooked on them as I am lol. As long as the fire in my gut stays hot for eyes and heads, I shall keep rolling with them! Opening it up to all animals and people is kind of broad. :)) Really enjoying it. Glad you are too! And really glad you’re seeing improvement!

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    1. Thanks so much, CAS! So good to see you and I’m really glad you’re enjoying. I’m feeling “clicked in” and like I’m on the right road, which is a really good feeling. Art is wonderful, but with unlimited mediums and subjects, it can feel overwhelming, so it’s nice to at least be focused on a certain type of subject. So glad you like them!


    1. Thanks much, Kirk! The darks on this one were as dark as I could make them. I’m wondering if that’s why I’m getting lots of kind comments on it. The darks went really dark and there’s enough of the paper left too, so, nice contrast in this face. So glad you enjoyed it!

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