Partial Rabbit (#26): 100 Face Challenge

I found a nice closeup of a rabbit/hare head via a Google images search and had to try to capture it.   This is a simple ballpoint pen with a bit of Polychromos colored pencil on top.

0122 1

It kind of reminds me of the hares I’ve seen Rebecca over at RebeccaEvansCreate do so many times, but now the photo is gone and I can’t find any more info about him/her.   I just know he was cute and I had to try and draw him.    I was surprised how much I enjoyed working with the ballpoint pen!    A nice inexpensive art supply, I tried it due to a suggestion and related video from Alphonso Dunn (my ink hero).

Let’s all blow really hard and send that snowstorm out to sea.   Who’s with me?   Stay safe and warm, my friends.   ❤

40 thoughts on “Partial Rabbit (#26): 100 Face Challenge

  1. Lovely – and you’re right, I too find that ballpoints have a very nice quality of their own for drawing. I think it’s something to do with the slightly sticky ink, great for barely-there strokes and bolder lines too. 🙂

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  2. I love that you are capturing a variety of faces. Isn’t the ballpoint pen fun to use? Have you tried some of the colors in ballpoint? To control those little black specks of ink from the pen. Keep wiping the tip with a tissue or on a pair of dark jeans! Or go back with a fine tip white gel pen and gently touch the back specks. Keep going with ballpoint one of my favorite tools!

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    1. Thanks for the tip, Carmel! I really haven’t played with ballpoints much at all because I still prefer the precision of an extremely fine tip. But I think I really need to consider using them more! Glad you like them so much, that makes me wanna give them more of a chance!

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        1. I hear ya. The Copic set I just bought (after Blick sent me a free sample, for which I’ll love them for eternity) is refillable. And the nib is replaceable. The smallest nib is 0.03 mm. It’s hard for me to contemplate just how tiny that is! And there are much larger ones too. So I’m going on with those for the moment, but I’m always curious what else is out there that I’ve never tried. You never know til you try something how it’ll strike you. I almost didn’t try pens or portraits! And both seem to work for me. So now I’m more likely to give things a try when normally I would stick with the tried and true.

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  3. I love it….hares, hares and more hares, he works really well in the ball point pen, really great choice, simple tools work well, and you have shown this to great effect. I am working on another hare painting at the moment, hare therapy!
    Poor you suffering with the weather, sending a great big huff and puff from the uk, roll on Spring ( although our spring bulbs have been up since December here in the uk, poor things are so confused, and now the frosts will get them, grrrr!)

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  4. Sounds like you have some “Hary” weather coming your way, Laura! ❄️ Stay warm and safe! Your drawing is wonderful! 🐰 And it is hard to post something each day – maybe take a break one day a week? I’m heading in that direction. I don’t know why I put all this pressure on myself. 😜

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    1. It keeps me producing at the level I want to produce, Jill, which is why I keep doing it. I need more practice, and with a goal to come up with something worth posting daily……helps spur me on. I can totally see both sides, and I’m glad it’s working for you. I’m still feeling my way, as I enjoyed a total break too. It’s hard for me to be in the middle. I’m an all or nothing sort of person. 💛 Glad you enjoyed the bunny. I love them! Furry creatures are the coolest.

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  5. I think it is a hare Laura and you certainly capture a soulfulness in the face. They are solitary animals here sometimes in pairs and they always look sad, mainly because they are hunted I guess. I look at them with binoculars, Charlie has other intentions!!

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