Cat Saves Man (prelim) -#27 & #28: 100 Face Challenge

I’ve not got far into this book, but I know it’s a keeper.   Here’s the Amazon link – it’s called “A Street Cat Named Bob And How He Saved My Life” by James Bowen.


While watching TV last night, I was sketching faces in front of me the whole time.   (It’s a great way to practice, if you’re into faces.)  Time for bed, and I happened to see this book cover…and I just had to do a quick preliminary sketch, to see if I could capture their essence.   For a quick sketch, I was happy with it.   I’m happier with the man’s face than the cat’s, but I’d like to revisit this image and try and do it some justice.    Don’t they look like a wonderful pair?   Apparently, the man was a heroin addict, and this cat wouldn’t leave him alone.   He wound up turning the man’s life around.   I just love stories like that!

Enjoy your Saturday.   I may be dancing with a ski mask and gloves on today, but I’ll be dancing!   Stay warm and keep those pencils and brushes moving!  🙂

49 thoughts on “Cat Saves Man (prelim) -#27 & #28: 100 Face Challenge

      1. Am in the snow zone. I had what you have now on Monday evening and on Tuesday morning had to be dug out of my apartment as my door was blocked from snow falling off the roof. It is unreal and you have my best wishes for your safety. (((Warm hugs))).

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  1. You are an avid drawer. So good that you steal moments to draw. A good sketch. Isn’t drawing from TV fun. Some of the British shows have great closeups of faces. Another good choice the old shows in black and white – Perry Mason is one. You are drawing in values with black and white shows.

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    1. I can’t imagine that! Although I kinda like the rain. It’s hot and humid weather I really detest lol. I like a little snowstorm, but this is ridiculous. We live at the end of a dead end road and who knows how many days before we’d be able to drive. Thankfully we stocked up on everything before hand. Glad you enjoyed the sketch.


  2. Aw, what a nice story – cats are the best! Your sketch is very cute! And ski mask and gloves? I think this calls for a self-portrait 😉 I hope the blizzard isn’t causing you too much hassle… send a dusting of the stuff over to the UK if you like!

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  3. Wow! That’s a lot of snow you got, Laura! ❄️😜 Interesting story about the cat helping this man change his life. I like your sketch too! And I think the cat’s face looks great! 😍👍🐱 Keep warm my friend! 💖💕

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  4. You can see the connection in the drawing already.
    Yeah, there’s at least 2 feet out there. If you are out driving and you’re not an emergency worker, you’ll be arrested! (by order of the governor). Tomorrow will be a dog in terms of digging out…

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