Who am I (#30): 100 Face Challenge

After helping Hub dig out yesterday, I settled in with him in the Den of Zen to watch TV….and was faced with an interesting face! Hello? Google images?

Presto! Hope you all enjoy.   Feel free to guess his identity, as I hold all correct guesses in moderation; this way everyone has the fun of guessing!   I freehanded this with the help of a Polychromos colored pencil (love them – helpful when you need to erase, which they do so well) in my humble Canson sketchbook (Thank you Kirk, for that wonderful recommendation!)

I’m so glad that the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the roads are fairly clear, and all is right with the world again. Definitely an answer to a prayer! Happy Monday to all!    Peace.

67 thoughts on “Who am I (#30): 100 Face Challenge

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I’d be surprised if anyone in Europe knows him, unless they’re really into American sports, but over here, he even does commercials…..and kind of a household name. He has an interesting face, so I thought I’d give him a shot and was happy with it. Glad you like it!

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    1. Thanks so much, Lance! It’s Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Denver Broncos. He’ll be in the Super Bowl in a couple weeks because they beat the Patriots in yesterday’s AFC Championship game. We are a little nuts about football in the US…..So glad you visited and I’m happy that you enjoyed the sketch!


    1. Thanks, Charlie! Yeah, he’s in lots of commercials, which is one of the reasons I’m no big fan of his lol. But I was hoping most people would recognize him from those, if not from football. He’ll be in the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks! So glad you recognized him!

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                1. Charlie! I’m holding your guess in moderation because you actually got it!!! I’m so stunned! Yours is the only correct guess, way to go! I think around noon my time I will post the initial sketch of his whole head and see if anyone sees him between the two sketches. Wow, I’m so impressed with you, Charlie! (And seriously, even I don’t see him, so big props to you!!)

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