Eyes Without a Face? (#32): 100 Face Challenge

I thought this face would be easy to draw, because it has so much character.


It wasn’t. Because it has so much character(!)Β  Thus, a partial face! He is an actor from the UK who……is shall we say, north of 50? Not sure how old he was in my reference photo…..and he is still alive. If you can’t tell who he is, it honestly won’t surprise me much! hehe. I’ll hold all comments in moderation, so don’t hold back if you have a guess!

The fun thing (ok, it’s “fun” when I’m looking on the bright side) about art is that I never know what is going to happen when I sit down to draw. It may turn out, it may not, or it may turn out….in part. It’s what keeps it challenging and exciting. Peace and Happy Hump Day to you!

68 thoughts on “Eyes Without a Face? (#32): 100 Face Challenge

    1. Thanks so much, Kerfe. Glad you like the drawing. I don’t watch film or TV either, but I used to. This guy has been around a very long time. I believe he is still making films but he probably started in the 60s. He was born in the UK but I believe he lives in America and many of his films (maybe most, not sure) are American. I may post the initial sketch I reworked later today of his whole head…

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  1. What an exquisitely detailed penetrating drawing Laura! Well-done! I am not the best at British actors. At first glance, my thought was Robert Duvall (LOL!), but he is American. My guess is Michael Caine…

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    1. Thanks for playing, Jodi! No one has guessed correctly yet…..I may post the initial sketch I did of his whole head a little later today because I think the two together may be enough so people will see him. His is by far the toughest face I’ve tried! He is (IMO) pretty handsome, but some of his features and even the shape of his head are strange. Love his acting though. I think most of his films were made here, but he definitely has a European accent. If you saw a photo of him, I can almost promise you that you’d know him instantly. πŸ’›

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    1. Thanks, Michael! That was a good guess, indeed, my friend. They do look kind of similar, in the features we see here. I think in a few hours I will post the initial sketch of his whole head and see if anyone can see it, after seeing this partial one. The hardest face I’ve ever attempted, but love his eyes in particular.

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    1. Steven, thank you very much! As are yours, I might add!! Love your black cat. I’ve been drawing animal faces too and black fur is really tough but your photo of George was so nice and close and sharp, I may try it. Thanks again for your encouragement!


    1. Lol this was my second try of his face, but it’s the one I posted first, because I liked it better. I think not seeing the shape of his head made it much harder to guess so I went back to the first (full head) sketch and posted that this afternoon. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Teresa!

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