Same Face, First Try (#33): 100 Face Challenge

Here is the initial, whole head sketch of the “Eyes Without a Face” man from this morning.

0127 2

This is the most challenging face I’ve tried.   He is an actor, born in the UK, although I believe most of his films are American.   As far as I know, he now lives in the US.  I still don’t see him there, but thought I’d post this initial sketch of his whole head, in case anyone was curious.     This was done from a different reference photo than the one I posted this morning. Comments are all being held in moderation, so feel free to guess!

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!   Peace.

80 thoughts on “Same Face, First Try (#33): 100 Face Challenge

    1. I don’t think I’d see him either, Carmel. He was great practice though as I don’t normally draw people his age. He does have a strange nose and mouth, too, which were challenging. Human faces offer endless challenges! I’m glad you like the drawing. 💛


      1. Please tell – I’m going crazy – had to try to forget about it for a while as I was becoming obsessed! LOL! Thank goodness for the distraction of a busy workday! Now just tell!!!!!! 🙂

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          1. GRR!!! OF COURSE it is Anthony Hopkins! I knew that! LOL! DANG! I knew that! Just couldn’t think of his name! You know….. I knew I knew him. hahahahaha!

            Awesome Laura! Sorry I missed it today! I’m not 100% anymore. Broke the streak – the pressure is off PHEW!


            You know I’m just being silly! 🙂

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  1. Hello Laura! Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I decided to return the favor today and check yours out–and I’m very impressed with your work, particularly your drawing! As a collage artist I haven’t used a lot of my own drawings or sketches in my work (I haven’t had much formal training and feel very self-conscious about my drawing), but one of my goals is to start doing just that in the future. I have followed your blog, so that I can see more of your drawings! Looking forward to coming back very soon! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Jenny! I really enjoy your work too, and looking forward to seeing more of it. I couldn’t draw just over a year ago. I’ve just been diligently practicing is all. Well, and reading about it, watching YouTube, etc. I think it was last June that I committed to drawing something every day and that’s made a huge difference. Even 10 minutes. I’d like to improve my mixed media work also and hoping to learn from you! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I really appreciate it!

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        1. I really appreciate that! Thank you! Learning to draw is mostly learning to see. And finding a subject that really stokes you is also key, I think. I started with eyes and partial faces last January and now I’ve come full circle. I still love eyes best. Find what you love and run after it as hard as you can. I’m looking forward to watching you fly! Whatever I can do for you, name it!

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    1. Thanks so much, Mary. Yes it is Anthony Hopkins, he of the challenging face! I have many YouTube videos from Alphonso Dunn of drawing the portrait in ink to thank for any improvement you see in my portraits from last year. Well and practice. Can’t discount that! I’m so glad you enjoy my portrait work. Makes me feel I may be on the right track. May switch gears for a bit to pets, which is really am enjoying too.

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      1. Thanks for the tip on Alphonso and will look him up. I’ve two more still life drawings and then I switch to charcoal for a few portraits and maybe a still life or two. Have a great weekend ~

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  2. This one didn’t come as easily to me, but to be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to label Anthony Hopkins even from a photograph! I knew the drawing looked familiar. You are getting so good with proportions and details! 🙂


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