Playful Color

Now that our friend Jonas has packed up and moved on, and the sun shines once again, I just felt the need to have a play with some color!   Let the sunshine in!


This is Inktense blocks and Neocolor II crayons, with a little help from a white Gelly pen in my 9×12″ Strathmore mixed media journal.  I’d be very curious what Jill of Jill’s Art Journal and Lin at Breathing Space would do with something like this.    They are wonderful mixed media artists.    Maybe I need to just sit on it awhile?   I’m tempted to add large-ish circles.  In white.   I don’t know.   Would love to know what you all think.

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.   The week is flying by!    Happy Friday eve, everyone…….I hope to roll out a raptor for tomorrow.   🙂

40 thoughts on “Playful Color

  1. the colors are beautiful – and I LOVE the idea of white circles on top of it. I’m not good at this stuff though 😐 Oh to imagine what Jill and Lin would do !!!! Can’t wait to hear!

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  2. Well the pressure is on! lol. I would add some purple I think, not a lot, but it would bring out the pinks. Then a few darker circles along with the white ones and definitely bits of splatter. You’re so good with ink you could add a bit of that too for fun. The key word is fun! Mess about until you love it. ❤️

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    1. Thanks, Lin! Great advice! Of course, I added some stuff over breakfast lol……but I agree it needs more purple. I may do a repost if I get settled with it. I’m so glad you took a look. Wisdom-woman! ❤ (If I could do MM like you, I'd probably do nothing else.)

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  3. Lin and I are thinking alike! I’d add purple too! 😍 I would dip a small section of bubble wrap or a round lid into some purple acrylic paint and stamp it on! And add a few splashes with a paint brush too! 🎨 Of course, I do like it the way it is too, Laura! But I’m into experimenting so I’d add a little bit more! Hehe! 😜🌈

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    1. Thank you, Jill! I really appreciate it. I surprised myself today with a purchase…….will share (hopefully) sometime soonish, if I make something worth posting lol. But it’s your influence that’s done it! ❤ Thanks for your help & encouragement. I'd like to play this busy season more with color and I think MM is a good avenue especially during this busy time and also in the winter….we need more color!

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            1. There are, Jill, or I wouldn’t even try, my friend! I’m not adventurous like you. Maybe it’s the accountant DNA or something but I always feel I need some type of plan. And I can be really dense sometimes. So yeah, I’ve been watching YouTubes and getting inspired! I don’t suppose you’ve put out any videos on your process? Would be awesome to see, as I love the results you get!

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              1. So kind of you to say, Laura! 😊 I’ve thought about doing a video – maybe some day I will move past the just thinking stage. Lol! 💖👍 I wish you lived closer so I could show you how to get started. 😃🎨

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  4. What lush warm colours…lol I have been playing with neocolors too, but not so abstract, more cutsie! ( hares) I think they are a great medium for cheering up! Vivid lush colours, so creamy , it’s hard to stop. I love all the ideas above, bubble wrap and circles from jar top, always good. I love using found items, In fact I have not done so for ages.

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