Who Am I (#36): 100 Face Challenge

I’m really enjoying my face challenge.  My reference image was from many moons ago. Hope you enjoy the sketch!


Happy Sunday, and peace to you.

78 thoughts on “Who Am I (#36): 100 Face Challenge

  1. Round here we get lots of these. I know to my expense. A friend of mine convinced me to put some paintings into the Liverpool Academy of Arts exhibition. She said paint some of the Beatles as they do well with tourists. I took her advice and did one of Lennon and one of Macca in Pastels- I was quite pleased with them . When I got to the exhibition the place was full of them – competition was stiff. They didn’t sell. In the end I gave them away.

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      1. Yeah, the Lennon on my website was one of them influenced by Harley Brown (worth looking up if you haven’t seen his work). The one of Macca wasn’t as powerful.
        Though the story gets worse – I was telling this to another blogger recently – my friend who persuaded me to exhibit told me she went to art school with Lennon and he gave her one of his drawings. But she didn’t like him and threw the drawing away. Some you win…

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  2. Hi…I am enjoying your face challenge. Please visit my blog sometime and see my latest painted selfie…I do one everyday…approaching a full year of them! judysarmchairjournal.wordpress.com


    1. Thanks, Meow! (If you’d rather I call you something different, let me know. 😀) Glad you enjoyed it! I drew him four times and each time got something different. I’d like to draw him from a more current photo but it’d be more challenging. Learned that from Anthony Hopkins!

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      1. Ha! My name is Rachel, but Meow certainly suits me just fine! Your Anthony Hopkins was great, though! I definitely look forward to your sketches each day! Not having a drawing bone in my body, I love see other people’s talent and art!

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        1. Rachel, I swear to you, I could not draw in August of ’14. No lie. Anyone can draw, it just takes practice, much like playing a musical instrument. It’s not some mythical talent (which I told myself for years)! I’m so glad you look forward to my sketches and I hope I can inspire you to pick up a pencil for ten minutes a day at some point. Would make me very happy. Thanks again for your kind encouragement. 💛

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          1. Wow, that’s amazing! My husband (who is an artist) would probably agree with you, but I just think some people do have a natural knack for drawing. It’s probably also motivation and desire. But hearing your story is definitely inspiring!

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