Mixed Media Monday

OK, Kerfe, you inspired me lady! If you haven’t seen Kerfe’s post from the weekend, here is a live link. It wowed me so much, I decided to take a card from Kerfe & Nina’s deck and riff off of one of their creations (they run their blog as a team, and inspire each other’s artwork).


Not sure if you remember my mixed media painting from last week, which was created with Neocolor II crayons, colored pencil, Inktense blocks, and gelly pen. I liked the colors, but felt it needed something. I added a few things…..and was ready to abandon it. Until I saw Kerfe’s post…..and cut it up, instead!

Wow, what a change. I could have sat there for hours staring at the colors and shapes, cutting, trimming and rearranging.   It was wonderful, like quilting, minus the frustration of sewing! Thank you, Kerfe!   I’ve not glued it down yet, only the borders, and the photo is a little over-exposed and wonky…..but you get the idea.     If I could blink three times and turn this into a quilt, I would!     I know what to do with my art fails from now on!

I hope you all enjoy this little creation. I may try this mixed media thing for awhile on Mondays and see how it flies. Happy February! Spring is just around the corner! Peace.

60 thoughts on “Mixed Media Monday

  1. It is fun isn’t it? Gives the original new dimension. And yes–quiltlike. Also nice and bright and sunny for a Monday morning.
    Thanks for the mention, as always. It’s good to be bouncing ideas off each other. (K)

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    1. Thank you thank you thank you. Seriously. This may take me in a whole new direction. Or at least, add another lane to the freeway. I’m now thinking of making intentional bad art to cut up lol. Not sure if it’ll have the same effect, but I’m willing to give it a go, and really just any excuse to play with those neocolors….💛

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    1. Thanks so much, Michael! And you’re so right about the repurposing. It feels so wonderful to turn trash into treasure. Really glad you like this. I’m feeling like I’m on a good road with this type of work to please my abstract side and the faces on the other. So glad you commented, thanks again.

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    1. Claudia, this is so weird but right about the time you posted this comment I was thinking “I wonder if Claudia will comment and what she’ll think of this?” So glad you like it! I’d really like to do more. Like, on purpose. Not sure if that’ll diminish the final result in some way or not, going at it purposefully, but heck I’ll take any excuse to play with those neocolor II’s! Thanks for your feedback!

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      1. You are right, it seems like the stars colliding or something, doesn’t it? As soon as I saw it I said to myself – I really like this one. I know myself that what I really like about collage is the aspect of letting my hands choose where to put things, and not thinking too much, but just going with what looks good. Painting or drawing is not the same process, which is fine, but different paths lead different places, don’t they? I predict that you will find that even if you start out “on purpose” it will get a life of its own – at least that is what happens to me – and I end up in the most surprising places!

        What a nice compliment you paid me, thinking of me. I appreciate it!

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        1. Your stuff is good, Claudia, and it’s unique and expressive, as is Kerfe’s work. I admire so many of the artists I follow, and you’re definitely one of them. Thanks for the hints and encouragement. I soak up everything like a sponge, as much as I can. I’ll be very curious where this goes myself! I notice in a quilting project that usually the quilt will tell me what it needs, and I did get that feeling yesterday too, as I was putting this together. Thanks again for your help!

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          1. Thank you so much. This really makes me feel good!

            You know, I did quilting when I first started doing artwork, it’s been about 20 years ago. I moved to collage because I wanted to work faster and do more pieces, and sewing was slowing me down, but – I felt the same way. There was no sense in planning out things that much because the reality of the piece as I was making it and looking at it always seemed to send me where it wanted, not what I planned, and it was always better that way, I think.

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  2. what a great idea! You rocked this! Now I am know what to do with all of my bad paintings! You took something beautiful and made it even more delightful! Yay for Kerfe’s and your inspiration! I adore each of your blogs every day!

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    1. Thank you so much, Jodi! You’re my barometer. If you like something, then I feel like I’m on the right track. Was waiting for your thoughts on this; now I can start my day and have this percolating in the background. I’m thinking an abstract track here and a realistic track with the faces. Very curious where these little pathways may ramble.

      Ok and I have to say – this project had me thinking of Jo. Boy do I miss her! 💜💛💜

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    1. Lol thanks Charlie! You should’ve seen this baby when I cut into it! Really wondering how this would go if I just intentionally put some color together with those crayons and let fly. Not sure, may not work at all (or maybe I’d wanna save the painting, who knows). But loved the cut and paste and put together of this. It was really sublime. Glad you enjoyed! 💜

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                1. I took a picture, it was really bad though. I was glad for the opportunity to cut it up. I’d like this piece to maybe inspire a quilt. Or even embellishments on a quilt! I don’t know, but I’m kind of in love with this, as silly as it sounds. I hardly ever really like my work, so … it’s nice to feel that way about something today (after most of what I tried yesterday really looked horrible – I needed the lift…..was very timely). Thanks as always for your encouragement.

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    1. Thanks, Jacob, I’m so glad you think so! It was ever so gratifying to resurrect the original. Even moreso to know I’d love to do more of this kind of work! Pretty cool. So glad you like this one. It’s so nice to get such positive feedback for something I felt so good about. Thanks again!

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  3. this is beautiful Laura! love those colors and on white they really are knockout. the whole composition (to me) reads almost like a song, it is lovely and light. on a different note…lol, if you had watercolor squares you wanted to quilt with; could you? seal them with satin acrylic gloss medium and then stick or sew into a sheer see thru fabric square. then sew that onto the quilt? hmmm….

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    1. It’s a terrific idea, Debi, really fab! Thank you for that wonderful suggestion! Oh, and I’m so glad you like this one. I am actually *still* kind of in love with it myself. I still haven’t glued the pieces down. I don’t want to mess them up at all, so happy with the arrangement as it is. I’m dying to make more of these on purpose and cut them up. I was thinking the pieces could easily be turned into embellishments for small art quilts. Could be really cute, I can see lots of things happening with the little pieces. Really thrilled you like this, Debi! Thank you again for your time & tips!

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